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William Branham


The message below is pretty long, going over two hours.  However, I think William has some revelation to share with us about divorce and marriage.  I also believe that this shows how all truth in God is progressive.  Over time, the revelation God shares with us expands and gains momentum in the human race.  At the time, William Branham share what the Spirit was saying to that generation to the very limits of what that could receive.

William Branham, was very far ahead of his time, not through study, but through listening to God.  Given his background and church affiliation, it is amazing that he was able to say as much as he did.  This is an example of a man sold out to the voice of His Father, willing to speak anything and do anything he heard.

William Branham, one of America’s Greatest Prophets

People still have mixed views about William Branham, however, I believe he as one of America’s greatest prophets. What makes me respect William, is that I can hear my Father’s voice in him. Most of the time, I don’t hear that in prophets these days. We know in part and we prophesy in part, but the Spirit of the living God has to be present for it to be worth listening too.

Do not confuse prophets with God

Prophet’s are not idols and neither is William Branham. We cannot go to them in place of God. Seers are highly anointed people who have decided to allow God to flow through them in any way He pleases. Therefore, God speaks through them to the extend that they allow Him too. However, it does not mean that they are 100% accurate or that God intends for us to use them as a crystal ball. Even when listening to a prophet, you still have to hear God for yourself. A Prophet, who is a mouthpiece of God, is still a man and not YHWH. Therefore give to God the honor and glory that is due Him, and do not give glory to any prophet.

Marriage and Divorce by William Branham