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You Can’t Fear To Touch People If You Want To Save them

Many of us have real needs. I am not just talking “wants”, I am talking real life-altering needs. Some believers are sick or their relatives are sick. People have financial crisis’ that must be addressed quickly. Opportunities arise that, if things go your way, will radically change your life. I am asking, if your needs are that BIG or that CRITICAL, are you willing to do more than write a post on a Facebook group to have God answer your prayer?

Walk with me a moment on this one.

God’s Spirit dwells within the members of the Body of Christ. It is the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead after 3 days. It is the same Spirit that caused Jesus to walk on water, give sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, cure leprosy, change water into wine, etc. etc. So why is that type of miracle power missing in our lives if we are filled with that same Spirit?

I will tell you the reason why.

We lack unity. God loves us but we find it difficult to love each other. We try to be good believers under our own power and according to our own strength. We ask for miracles from behind computer screens, yet will not make the effort to connect with each other because it is too much of an inconvenience. The members of the Body of Christ are isolated and therefore powerless.

The reason I blog on The Final Feast is to “Spiritually Connect” with other members of the Body of Christ. I and others are tired of being beaten down by the Devil and want to unite with other people who want to live successful Christian lives like we do. We want to connect through God’s love with other members of the Body of Christ.

It’s all about God’s love

The key to releasing the power of God in our lives is to allow God to connect us through His love. We must allow God to flow through us because when He does, because He is love, we become love. When you pray and ask God about what I am saying and He puts it upon your heart to do more, then do it. Contact whomever God puts on your heart. Start calling each other on the phone. Meet one another in person if you live within driving distance. Take this love of God into the real world and do something concrete with it.

If you want someone to be healed of diabetes you are going to have to show more faith through your actions than a few words in cyberspace. If you face financial problems you can’t just mention something nebulous to strangers. You must connect and make the effort to do so. You need real people from the real Body of Christ. Brethren, gathered together, for that is when you find the Jesus you so desperately need.

Demonstrate your faith by your works

Your faith must be in deed and not just in word only. If you are not willing to do anything different, not willing to make the effort to connect with Jesus through real people in the real world, then you are just fooling yourself that you want God to answer your prayers. Remember, even a woman outside the covenant of Israel, a gentile, received from Jesus because she pressed through the crowd to touch the hem of His garment. That is why she received healing after all those years. Are you going to press through like her? Are you desperate enough to do whatever it takes to receive your miracle?

Get serious about your miracle

Are you serious about connecting with God and seeing His power work wonders in your life? If you are, then show it in what you do and not just in what you post. God honors actions based on faith. Step out on the water before it seems solid under your feet. Reach out and touch the leper before the disease goes away. Offer up your two fishes before 5000 are fed.  DO IT and then see the miracles which spring from your mustard seed of faith!

How can I apply this message to my life?

It is quite simple,  but will require some spiritual courage on your part. In this group, there are many loving Christians. Pray and ask God if He wants you to reach and connect with any of them. You don’t have to even know who they are but only listen to the still small voice of God in your heart.

Ask to friend them. Share how God spoke to your heart to connect with them. Dare to be vulnerable and open. Allow God to speak through you and give them the hand of friendship in Christ. Do the same thing in your real life when you are out and about in the world.

Make yourself available for God to live through you

Be available to connect with other members of the Body of Christ that God leads you to.  Make the effort to write, call on Skype, Facebook, or over land lines. When Jesus goads you to say something, say it. As God impresses upon to you do something, do it. Allow the Holy Spirit to move through you and resist second-guessing Him.  Put action to your faith and see what happens when you honor God’s voice.

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