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God Does Not Close A Door Without Opening A Window Of Opportunity

As we progress in our lives we encounter windows of opportunity.  These are turning points along life’s path where we are presented with choices that can lead to major blessings.  The difficult thing about these windows of opportunity is that they are not always obvious.  When presented with such junctures of blessing, they often do not seem like it, or even if they do, the risks involved seem too much to chance.

Often, we assume the worst

Often, our natural minds imagine the worst of all possible futures.  When thinking about the consequences of our actions, most of the time we try to determine what could be the worst result of this or that decision. The trouble with doing this is that we have imperfect knowledge and lack the information necessary to make accurate predictions of our future.  Therefore we imagine the worst possible scenarios (even if it is not warranted) and base our choices on avoiding those make-believe consequences.

One time I wanted to buy a certain piece of logging equipment I saw at the college I attended.  It was just what I wanted and it looked like someone had cut, with a blow torch, a piece of it off.  Thinking that the school wanted to get rid of it, I asked if I could buy it.  The school said, they could not just sell it but would have to put it out for public auction.

Knowing how much that particular piece of equipment sold for on the open market I assumed that a public bid would put it out of my financial reach.  Therefore, because I assumed the worst, when the school invited people to bid, I did not even try.  A few weeks later the piece of equipment was gone and I felt badly that someone else had gotten it.  However, a couple of days after that I received a call from the person I initially spoke with asking me why I did not bid on the equipment.  I said that I thought it would be out of my reach.  The person said, no one bid on it, so they sold it for scrap. He said I could have bid as little as 80 dollars and purchased it.

We really can trust God to show us opportunity

While we can’t see the future, and the ones we imagine seem to be dark and foreboding, God doesn’t see things that way.  When our Father directs us to do things, at certain important times, He knows tremendous blessings await us.  This is where faith comes in, for we must believe in what God says, trusting in His wisdom, rather than what we imagine will happen. The blessing is ours.

Windows of opportunity are often time sensitive.  When these portals of blessing present themselves we must seize the day and take advantage of them without hesitation.  Failure to do so often leads to missed blessing and regret.  At those times, when God says to do something that makes no earthly sense, we must decide whether we will allow fear or faith to rule the day. Do we “play it safe” or trust God and live with the consequences? At those particular forks in our paths, the emotions that we yield to make all the difference.

Here is what I believe,

“Better to have died in faith, than to live in unbelief.”

In conclusion, why not haul off and believe God?  What is the downside to trusting the Almighty?  So what if we do not hear or do everything perfectly? The point is that we tried and that counts a lot in the big scheme of things.

Finally, the just shall live by faith and we will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.  Our very lives and our entrance into heaven are dependent on being men and women of faith.  It is only the unbelieving that go to hell.  Therefore, practice radical, crazy faith which believes all things, hopes all things, bears all things. The bottom line is, no one ever did great things in God by playing it safe.

Bless The Broken Road by Selah