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You don’t have to explain water to a duck

If you are a duck, no one has to explain water for you. The moment you find water, you know what to do with it, because you were made for it. Likewise, we are made to interact with God, and when you meet Him, you don’t have to be told what He is, you know it.

The same is true with stories. The success or failure of any story, TV program, or movie, is based on how much resonance it has with it’s audience. In my opinion, there is only one story, one genre, and all other stories are but a subset of this one. This story is Jesus Christ and the redemption of mankind from sin. Every story ever told, and those that have endured through the centuries and millennia, are the stories that show some part of the redemption of the human race.

Woke is broke

What is happening with the Woke movement and all it’s social justice, etc. is that it is diametrically opposed to the one story. Thus, it does not resonate with the vast majority of humanity. It is a strange fire that is being forced upon the general populace by a few, very messed up people who want to justify their bad choices. Most people want no part of it, and it will fail.

We are in for a wild ride, and the last stop on this runaway train of destruction is a new age of Sodom and Gomorrah, but on a global scale. There is nothing new under the sun, and this Woke movement is not new either, just sin repackaged for 21st century consumption.

Likewise, as God put an end to sin in Sodom and Gomorrah, so He will put an end to the Woke movement, too. This will come in the form of the destruction of the antichrist and his world government. Essentially, mankind is going to be blasted back into the pre-industrial age, and all our technology will cease to function.

For those who do not honor God, dystopia; but for those who do, glory

Yes, I know that seems like a dystopian future, but for those who know Jesus Christ and are filled with His Spirit, there is hope. As the world grows darker, our light will shine brighter. As we are pressed by those who are wandering after the beast and his false prophet, we will unite, by God’s Spirit, in ways that have not been seen since the days of Pentecost. God will join His body, worldwide, together by Spiritual Unions that will unify and empower us. This is going to be wonderful, and we will bring a screeching halt to the antichrist government.

Moreover, the rapture is a real event that happens to us. God has slated the antichrist worldwide government for destruction, but His holy and spotless bride will not be here for that judgment. We do have a blessed hope and it is to be caught up to God and to His throne before He goes after the beast and false prophet. Just as Jesus was taken up and received by God into His shekinah glory in a cloud, we will meet our Lord in the air.

If you don’t believe in the rapture, you will not go in it

For all those who don’t believe in a rapture, I feel badly for you, because whatever is not of faith is sin. If you don’t believe in the blessed hope, you will be left behind to face the full fury of Satan and have to endure until the end. Yes, God has grace and will be with you, but being caught up into heaven is a much better alternative.

Brethren, learn to hear the voice of God now, for yourselves, and don’t lean upon your natural understanding. Only God knows what you should and should not be doing in these perilous times. Unite with whomever God leads you to unite with and do worry about what the world, which is headed for a reckoning, thinks about it. We need to be in position so that when our time to shine in God comes, we are ready, willing, and waiting.


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