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Beckah Shae is on the forefront of what the Holy Spirit is doing in our generation.

I do not know Beckah Shae personally.  However, I think she hit upon a fundamental truth when she began singing secular songs as if they were Christian.  for years, secular musicians have been edging as close to possible to the truth, without actually naming God.  I call this””stolen glory“.

Moreover, like Elvis, many of secular artists come from Christian backgrounds, yet tailor their God-given gifts to meet the worlds expectations.  I remember a young Beyoncé talking about being a Christian, yet her performance at the 2017 Grammy awards says differently.  Essentially, this female entertainers at the top of their profession, manifest the spirit of the Antichrist, which is Lucifer. 

Taking back what others have misappropriated

In my opinion, Beckah Shae is doing (in a good way), what secular entertainers have been doing (in a bad way) for decades.  She’s revealing the true power and intent of God in these songs.  Beckah’s taking back what others essential stole.  Moreover, her message of intimacy with God is at the cutting edge of what our Lord is doing.

I often wonder if Christian artists who compose and sing about Divine Intimacy with Jesus actually have a foretaste of Tabernacles in their lives.  It seems to me it would be difficult to manifest this level of love relationship with God if they didn’t.  However, perhaps Christian artists are only free in this limited area

Take back everything the Devil has stolen

You & I – Beckah Shae