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worlds collide

God says,

And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,  And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.”

Matthew 21:12,13

When God comes to His house, worlds collide.  There is God’s world, which is truth, and man’s world, which is lies.  In the first century, God came to His own in the person of His son Jesus Christ, throwing  out all those that bought and sold in His Temple.  Likewise, when God comes to His house in our generation, which is the Body of Christ, there must be a cleansing too.

The nature of God is love

Believers will align with God in these last days and His nature will manifest through them.  Since God is love, those who conform to His image and likeness will become love too.  As we reveal the love of God to each other, we naturally cast out that which is unholy.  Here is a truth,

“There is about to be a cleansing of the Church and it is not going to be pretty.”

When you connect with another person, you become God manifest in the flesh to them.  To the extent that you yield to His Holy Spirit, God lives in you.  You are kind, patient, compassionate and everything else God is when you yield to His Spirit.  You are good  beyond what is possible in the natural world.  As God loves, you love, therefore, the person who connects with you experiences the love of God through you.

A life built on unwise choices

Unfortunately, many marry unwisely, making rash vows. Moreover, earthly love, with a natural mate, often fades over time.  After your first or second child and the pressures of work, Limerence with your partner disappears and you are left with an “arrangement”.  On the other hand, the love of God, shown through spiritual connections, never fails.  Holy intimacy, like water in a parched desert, causes everything in you to bloom.  As God manifests, His living waters bring life.

When Divine Love collides with unholy matrimony, something’s gotta give.  As you taste “the real” the fake becomes unacceptable.  Experiencing true love means you can’t be satisfied with natural love any longer.  It is like a blind man suddenly regaining his sight; Divine love is a revelation.

Unfortunately, most people have no idea what to do with Divine Love.  If you are unused to being led by the Holy Spirit, you naturally try to reason out what is going on.  Sadly, there is no frame of reference, no biblical understanding within the church that can help you.  Holy Intimacy is totally new to many, and it does not help to consult the church. This is true, because anytime God’s Divine love manifested among His people, the clergy ruthlessly suppressed it.

Having begun in the Spirit

Of all the sins believers commit, Christians judge those who fall prey to sexual temptation most harshly. Many imagine the worst of anyone who strays outside their “marriage”.  However, what we assume is sin, may be Divine Divorce and/or God united two people together through His Spirit.

The fact is, God does not recognize our choice of mate if it is not His choice of mate.  Our Father did not create marriage, therefore, He is not obligated to honor our marriage contracts.  God only honors spiritual mates He ordains.  Consequently, when God comes to His temple (the Body of Christ) whatever is not of Him must go.  If you made a foolish vow in your ignorance,  God may join you to another believer of His choice that suits His purposes.

A Consequence of Divine Love

Divine Love often precipitates Divine Divorce.  When a body of believers enter into the love of God, He cleanses His temple.  In order to do this, what is out-of-order must be removed.  If you married someone God did not choose, God may lead you to seperate from your earthly mate.

In such a scenario, there is really no one to blame.  Just realize your mistake, part peacefully, and go your separate ways in God.  Historically, Israelite men married wives from the idolatrous nations in the time of Ezra.  However, once God’s people realized their error, they repented and put away their wives in order to follow God.  Our Father is not mean, it is just that we made rash vows which need to be corrected.

The truth is, both you and your spouse did what seemed right to your natural minds at the time.  You did feel a powerful physical attraction and married because you felt compatible.  Divine Divorce, if you both do it in the Spirit, is  simply a mutual realization that you both made a foolish choice.

We must understand what Divine Love is

There is little teaching about Divine Love within the Christian church. People just don’t know how to react to Holy Intimacy.  Intense feelings of love towards another in the Body of Christ are often misinterpreted. If you can receive it, what others view as sexual sin may be God breaking up an earthly marriage in order to make way for His choice of divine mate.

In conclusion, cleansing our temples challenges the status quo.  What seems natural and permissible when God is far off, isn’t tolerated when He is near.  God’s was near in the book of Acts, therefore, Ananias and Sapphira paid the ultimate price for sinning.  Likewise, those who make rash vows in our day sometimes pay a huge price when they decide to set their lives straight in God.

Corrections can be costly

Finally,  correcting big mistakes is messy. Driving the money changers out from the temple wasn’t pleasant.  At the time very few understood why God cleansed His temple.

Only as people come to see our Father’s original intent for His people, will we realize the grave error of our ways.  Here is a truth,

“God made spiritual unions to bring forth after His kind”

Trust God and be led by His Spirit, for that is the only way you will survive what He is about to do.

Real Love by Blanca