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Express yourself in God

When Adam first walked in the Garden of Eden, as God was to His creation, so Adam was to this earth. As God has dominion over all that He made, so too, He gave dominion to His son over this world. When you looked at Adam, you saw God looking back. Likewise, when you looked at the second Adam, Jesus Christ, you saw the express image of the eternal Father gazing back.

Know, brethren, that we were created to express the eternal Godhead. Our hands, feet, arms, legs, and everything else we possess are made to reveal the Creator to this creation. Therefore, let yourself move and express the Holy Spirit during worship. Allow your hands and feet to move freely and show forth the adoration that wells up from your belly. It is a beautiful thing when God is seen in His handiwork.

Moved by His Spirit

I remember, during one worship service, I raised my hands to God in worship. I felt a warm sensation in them and they started to move. The feeling was kind of like when you put two magnets together, when like poles are present. An invisible force makes them slide past each other without ever touching. Likewise, I felt my hands sliding and moving as if guided by an unseen force. As I was standing in the front pew of the church, I felt a bit self-conscious at first, but gradually allowed the Spirit to move me as He willed.

We speak in other tongues as the Holy Ghost gives the utterance. We allow the Spirit to take over our most unruly member and speak mysteries. However, allowing God to move through our mouth is only the beginning. That day, as my hands moved effortlessly, I realized I was being moved by His Spirit in another part of my body too.

Music swelled and worship deepened

As the music swelled and worship deepened, it was as if two hands gently rested on my shoulders and began to turn me around. This was new to me also, and I had to decide to let go of my inhibitions and allow him to move me. I started turning round and round, my hands still moving in the invisible sign language of the Spirit.

I share this with you to say that God wants everything so that He can express Himself to the world through us. This type of gentle leading of our movements is part of a much larger phenomenon of being Spirit-led in all things. As we willingly yield to God, He takes possession of everything we are. This is what it means to become “like Christ.”

Hearts, bodies, souls, and minds

It the near future, there is coming a move of the Spirit upon this world such as has never been seen since the times of Jesus. God will walk the earth again, not in only one Son of God, but through a massive, worldwide, unified body of Christ. We will yield ourselves hearts, bodies, souls, and minds to Him as the Spirit of Jesus fills us to over flowing.

In conclusion, let yourself move in God by allow Him to take control of every part of you. Praise Him like David danced before the ark. Let Jesus make his triumphal entry to this generation through you. Praise him by letting your whole body reveal his joy. Move in the Spirit as Jesus leads and be the truth Body of Christ.


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