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The flood that sinks others, only raises us up!

In the days of Noah, everything looked pretty bleak. Giants ruled over mankind, the fruit of the sons of God laying with the daughters of men, and they were cruel. The earth, cursed by it’s creator, wouldn’t yield up its strength and so their was constant want of food. The thoughts of men were continually evil, and the Holy Spirit wasn’t present. To top it all off, God repented that he had created mankind in the first place and purposed to destroy all in whom the breath of life resided.

Yet, and thank God for that “yet”, there was one found perfect in his generations – a man called Noah. He heard God’s voice, being still sensitive to His Spirit, when all others had grown deaf. One day, God spoke to Him and asked him to build a boat, for He was about to send a flood and destroy the Earth.

Though it had never rained and it was far from water, Noah believed God and set about building an Ark. On a certain day, he took up an ax and began to hue down a single gofer tree. Then one tree at a time, beam by beam and plank by plank, he built the Ark according to God’s plan.

The point of this essay is this:

What spells disaster to others, lifts up and saves those who listen, hear and obey God’s voice

Fear is rampant in the world today, and many people are scared. If you listen to the news, everything is bad and about to get worse. This may be true for those who do not believe in Jesus Christ; however, for those who are moved by His Spirit, what spells trouble for others, actually signals salvation for us.

The advent of the antichrist tells Christians that God is about to move. Wars and rumors of wars let us know that our redemption draws nigh. We need not fear what may come on earth, because our future is with God in heaven. We have joy and a blessed hope while those who follow after that man of sin have only weeping and destruction on their horizon.

We are all sheep in need of a great shepherd

Knowing that our God will keep and protect us does not make us better than others, it only means we have chosen to live under the wings of the Almighty. The fact is that we are all sheep in need of a Great Shepherd. We humble our minds and believe His word, following His love to be where He is. This safety is available for everyone and is in no way exclusive to just a few. Christ gave himself for the sins of the whole world and desires that none should perish, but all have eternal life. As many as will enter into the salvation of God, through the door of Christ, will be saved.

The message of the Gospel is “good news.” It is proclamation that our sins can be forgiven by someone with real authority to do so. To be in God’s light means that we will see clearly when others may stumble in the present darkness. A candle does not seem to shine bright while it is yet day, but as the darkness increases, it’s light becomes more precious and it grows brighter.

God moves mountains

In the coming days, if we are hungry, God will feed us even though we have but a few fish and little bread. If we need clothing, our brothers will give us their cloak. When we need a place to rest, the homes of those who are Spirit led, will open. Crossing perilous waters, we will find firm footing. When mountains stand in our way, they will be moved and cast into the sea.

Finally, God does not expect you to do anything more than obey His voice. Your Father knows that you can’t move a mountain; therefore, it has always been in His mind to move it for you. However, you have to move forward in faith towards that obstacle before He will move it. God does the heavy lifting as we obey and act in faith – it is that simple.