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There’s A Problem With The Baby…

I remember hearing those words and my heart sank. I stood at a crossroads on my way to a meeting in the deep bush of Kenya. “They want me to have an emergency ultrasound to see if the baby is OK” my wife added. In Kenya, everything is cash, and the ultrasound costs 200 dollars. I stood on the road, about to change buses, to go speak at a church seminar and I had 200 hundred dollars to my name. “you had better do what the doctors say” I said. “do you want me to come back?” I offered? The mother of my unborn baby replied, “no, the Lord says everything is ok” but I could hear the worry in her voice.

At the crossroads

Wanting to take the first bus back to my wife I asked God, “what do I do now? The doctors think there may be a problem with the baby and I have no money left.” God answered and said, “Go to the meeting, everything will be OK, I will give you the money back.” Just then the bus arrived for my destination and by faith I boarded, paid my fare, and sat down, traveling away from my wife and unborn child to the deep African bush.

I arrived late that evening. I ate what the people ate and slept on a 3 inch foam mattress on uneven ground. It was so far out there was no cell service so I could not find out how the ultrasound went and if everything was OK. I stayed for three days and saw the Holy Spirit move powerfully among His people.  One old man said of the speaker, that he spoke like the first missionaries used to speak and that he had not heard such words for many, many years. All the time, though, my thoughts were with my wife and unborn child. I prayed that everything was OK.

God promised

With barely enough money, I left the meeting and went back home.  I arrived at the hospital to find that indeed, the doctors worries were unfounded, and that my wife and baby were OK.  Relieved, I went to bed and slept soundly for the first time in days. I felt disappointed though, for I asked my wife if any money had come and she said no. I wondered why God did not fulfill His promise?

At couple of days later, I checked my email at a cyber cafe.  Looking down the list, I found a message from a friend in Germany.  The message read,

“I felt to wire 200 dollars to you through Money Gram. Hope this helps, God bless, Jay.”

As I read the emails date, I sat back in my chair for a moment, realizing that the funds were given, just as God said,  the very day I boarded the bus.

My daughter Rebecca: may God always keep and protect her.


The Promise by The Martins