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Divine Divorce For Christians

For those caught in bad marriage, there is a way forward.

Other than, perhaps, the nature of the Godhead, divorce is one of the hot button issues of Christianity. For the most part, there is no room for mistakes in holy matrimony. Whomever people marry, for whatever reasons, their union is assumed to constitute a binding contract before God – forever. Therefore, when people marry unwisely, most clergy assume God has bound them together, therefore, they reason, let no man put them asunder.

However, like most legalistic doctrines, they are pretty in theory, but ugly in real life. The fact is, God does not have to bless what He does not author. If a man and woman marry out of his will, i.e. without His direct leading and permission, they simply have an earthly contract. Some enter into earthly contracts wisely and some do not. When two people make a mistake, there needs to be some mechanism for them to correct that error.

The doctrine of marriage

The doctrine of marriage is one of two central heresies in modern day Christianity. Holy Matrimony is a “control” mechanism in the normative church. Clergy assume control of an area that is God’s exclusive domain. In doing so, they have usurped His authority to both bind and loose the unions of man and woman.

In this section, I discuss the truth of what holy matrimony is as practiced by the church and what God originally intended. God’s truth shocks, but believers must examine and understand it fully to walk in freedom.

In the beginning it was not so

God never invented marriage, man did. In the beginning, God joined men and woman through His Spirit. It was through spiritual union people became one and only then did that lead to physical intercourse. When God leads you to develop a love relationship commensurate with total physical expression, then you are mated – for life.

Read through these essays and allow God to enlighten your understand by His Spirit. Realize that God is not a legalist, but a compassionate realist who understands there are always mitigating circumstance to consider.

There is hope

Lastly, there is hope. God loves you and wants you to be happy and able to function both in this earthly existence and within His kingdom. Your Father loves you and has made a way, even where their seems to be no way.

Big hugs and lots of love,