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When we climb a mountain, our view naturally changes. We see things differently due to our new perspective. Likewise, as we come to know what God is really getting at with male and female relationships, our viewpoint changes, too.

You may sometimes wonder why there is so much confusion about gender issues in our current society. While a few have issues through no fault of themselves, why are some confused about who they are biologically? What makes people who are born one sex, desire to be another?

Simply put: gender fluidity is a preemptive strike by the devil on procreation through divine unions. Satan knows that the Body of Christ is about to unite in spiritual union with one another and God as He originally intended. Males and females within the church of Philadelphia will become one, not only physically, but spiritually. Our Father will have His Bride and through that Bride He will procreate –physically and spiritually– with his wife and bring forth the Manchild. How else do you imagine the church is with child in Revelation 12?

When this happens, Satan’s kingdom falls and falls hard. In fact, the Man-Child that is born deals a death wound to the beast of Revelation. The world government, that so many have worked towards for so long, comes to a standstill as the first love of Eden, God’s very nature, floods the world. It is a revival of such proportions that even what happened in the book of Acts cannot compare in scale or scope. This is when the gospel is preached and shown to the ends of the earth.

Physical love, when led by the Holy Spirit, is an outward sign of an inward union.

In the Garden of Eden, the physical union of Adam and Eve was an outward sign of inward spiritual union with God. Marriage, as we practice it today, is but a shadow of a shadow of our Creator’s original intent. The reason why Romeo and Juliet resonates so powerfully with us is that it is a picture of what true love was supposed to be. However, that type of passion, deep and fulfilling desire, was to be born out of a spiritual love in and through males and females.

Thus, in the end of the church age, as we are coming to a time of maturity and love, we are returning to the garden–our pre-fallen–sinless state. Coming back into alignment with God’s will means that those things which hinder the fulfillment of His plan must be cleansed from our temples.

The Devil, for reasons I don’t fully understand, sees this coming and she is doing her best to muddy the waters. Simple sexual revolution and promiscuous sex was not good enough, so now the very biological basis of procreation is under attack. Why? Because the devil fears what God is about to do. In the church of Philadelphia, a restored human race who loves as God originally intended is a mortal threat to all she has done and wants to do.

When you are part of a system that has fallen far away from God, coming to know Him as He truly is can be shocking. The money changers and those who sold animals in the temple at Jerusalem had been doing so for years and that was just the way it had always been. However, the length of time practicing an error does not make it more acceptable to God. It just makes it an old error. When He comes and shows you the right way, He expects you to repent and set your house in order.

For those who have made foolish vows, even in church before God and man, it is time to consider if your temple needs to be cleansed. We are up against some very serious challenges in the near future, and we will need to be right with God if we are to survive the coming trials and tribulations.

Confess your sins

When we sin, God says,

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

1 John 1:9

If we have made a foolish vow as concerns marriage, God also says,

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

1 John 1:9

There are some of us that simply need to repent of our marriages. Not because either spouse is bad, just because they are the wrong one, chosen in ignorance, out of the will of our Father.

As always, divorce, divine or otherwise, is something that is a very serious matter. I do not preach that all people must get divorced–far from it. What I do say is that for those who have gotten themselves into difficult situations and have been told by the clergy there is no way out, God is providing you a possible path to freedom if you are led by His Spirit to do so.

These types of thorny situations are immensely complicated and, as such, only God can lead you personally. Friends, family, clergy and others will all have an opinion, sometimes expressed very strongly. However, while counsel is a good thing, ultimately you must go to Jesus and receive your final instructions from Him, for only He has the wisdom you really need to know the right path forward.


I See Grace by Micah Tyler