Divine Love

Do You Desire To Be Filled With God’s Divine Love?

Love at first sight, is the manifestation of the tabernacle blessing. Whereas many people see such spiritual love as simply a physical attraction, it is time to address this phenomenon for what it is: God’s Divine Love shed abroad in our hearts. Therefore, I speak of Christian Intimacy in order to help people understand, as it were, the spiritual facts of life. Bascially, in these last days we are dating God with the view of becoming His wife.

When we connect with God in each other, there is a lot of spiritual healing that takes place. When we love each other as God loves us, we become one in Him. Many Christian’s are all dammed up in their hearts through years of hurts pile one on top of each other. However, when our hearts connect in Him, God brings amazing healing to us all.

God’s Divine Love in us is the point of creation

God is recreating His image and likeness in us as we yeild to His Spirit in love. There is coming, what I term, a summer of love that will heal and mend our borken generation. If you are feeling disconnected, the is a ray of hope in the Tabernacle Blessing. When God manifest through another believer, it is like having your own personal Jesus. As you build relationship with the Body of Christ, you reconcil with God also, recieving a baptism of God’s love.

When our hearts connect with each other through the Holy Spirit, the other 90% of who we are blossoms. Gifts and callings, joy and satisfication all start to manifest in and through us freely. Though some are shocked and appauled at the nature of spiritual intimacy in these last days, we all need to experience the miracle of oneness with God and each other. This is the calling of the Bride and I hope that we all experience His Divine Love in us!