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Feeling Alone In A World Full Of People

We are told that we live in a “connected” world.  The World Wide Web allows us to talk cheaply and instantaneously to almost anyone on earth.  Some use texting, selfies, and videos to share their lives with other people, many of whom they may never meet in person.  Though many people have “thousands” of friends on Facebook, throughout their day they actually feel disconnected.

Likewise, in our churches many times we congregate, but rarely integrate.  Our relationships with other believers are superficial and we remain isolated though we sit in congregations sometimes numbering in the thousands.  Coming to church with real problems, we hope God will “do something” or “say something” to us personally.  Unfortunately, most times we leave with the same burdens we bring and the feeling of hope we gained for a moment drains away as we make our way home again.  In a word, many people feel “disconnected”.

Feeling disconnected

We feel disconnected from God, from each other, and sometimes even our own families.  It seems the state of being disconnected is growing in proportion to technology. Fears and past hurts keep us from opening up and sharing what is really going on in our lives.  Many times, when someone asks us in church about how we are doing, we smile and say “ok” or “praise the Lord” even if we are dying inside.  The cruelest form of disconnection is when we are sitting next to people who should love and care about us, yet we are afraid to open up to them and ask for help.

God joining us together through Divine Love is the solution to being disconnected.  Being connected with the Body of Christ through a supernatural experience is the cure for feeling isolated.  It is a free gift from God available to everyone.  Just like you asked to be saved or you asked to be filled with the Holy Spirit, you can ask God for His Divine Love as well.

Shutting out Divine Love

Many people have experienced this type of love before, but because they did not know what is was, shut it down and refused it.  God is no respecter of persons and, for that matter, church doctrine or social customs.  Therefore, God connects us with whomever He decides is right regardless of what it looks like on the outside.  People He chooses are divine appointments and they have the capacity to love as He loves if they will simply allow God to flow through them.

Our own personal Jesus

Many people need their own personal Jesus.  People’s problems lay buried deep within them and cannot be dealt with superficially.  The things that really bother us are so painful or shameful, that we simply cannot and will not open up to anyone about them.  Women often have deep, very personal scars over sexual abuse.  Perhaps some have done things in their past which keeps them from feeling worthy of anyone’s love.  Men often have terrible scars as well, wounds many times from family members which keep them from being free and allowing God’s acceptance to penetrate their hearts.  Point is, the troubles that really matter to us require long-term healing balm.  Often times, Spiritual Connections are the only answer.

When God connects you with an individual in Christ you supernaturally feel the love of God for them.  There is a child-like innocence.  You feel an instant rapport and trust.  The person who loves you, loves you as Christ loves his church, and you naturally become vulnerable to them.  They care as God cares; therefore, their love is patient and endless.  For the first time, many who experience Spiritual Connection believe they can open up their most sensitive wounds to healing. God’s love literally brings our true selves out of the shadows and sets us free.

We have God’s permission to connect

God wants to connect you with Him through His body of believers.  Our Father wants to touch you, hold you, and speak through others to you.  All we have to do is allow God to minister to us through our brethren.  Believers often stop the flow of God’s Spirit because of fear.  We sense God coming through someone, but refuse to receive Him because of how it may look to others.  However, don’t you think God took “how it may look” into account before He started manifesting through them?

In conclusion, in order to have God in our lives we must trust Him and do what He says.  If God spiritually connects you with another member of the Body of Christ, trust Him and go with it.  God’s wisdom is higher than man’s wisdom and we should not countermand the will of our Father with our natural mind.  Natural reasoning kills the spirit in us and keeps us bound by the Devil.

Go with the flow of God

The next time you feel supernatural love for someone, go with it.  Do not think about it, analyze is, worry about it, or even consider what it looks like.  Live by every word Gods speaks to you today and connect with Him through Divine Love.

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