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being spirit led

Being Spirit Led

Being Spirit led, is our primary function on earth. There is no other task greater than doing God’s will. We must listen, hear, and obey on time what the Holy Spirit speaks to each one of us.

Following the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit is not a special act of God, but a moment by moment yielding to His still small voice. As His sheep, we hear his voice, and we follow willingly.

We should not filter God’s voice

What has happened to many, though, is that we filter God’s voice through our own reason. Instead of obey without question, we question whether we should obey. Thus, it is our natural minds that govern things of His Spirit and not the other way around.

To be Spirit led means we cannot live by the knowledge of good or evil. While many believers know that living by the knowledge of evil is wrong, they totally accept the premise that they should live by the knowledge of God. However, and this is a fundamental truth, both the knowledge of good and evil kill.

Clergy should not filter God’s voice

Clergy are wrong to teach their people to listen to their doctrine rather than their Father’s voice. They are in error when they insist you listen to their words, instead of His words. When they try to coerce you into obeying them instead of follow what God speaks to you, they are usurpers rather than servants.

Sovereignty means that your king can literally do anything he wants, whenever he desires, with whoever suits Him. We cannot gainsay nor resist is will. Our natural mind do not override God…ever.

Let God’s voice speak to you

I invite you to practice being Spirit led. Take a moment to consider who is really in the drivers seat of your life. Ask yourself if you are willing to be a servant of the Most High.

Big hugs and lots of love,