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God's holy consummation

God’s Holy Consummation

Sex is at the center of God’s creation, because it is the ultimate expression of love between two people. This is why almost every living animal procreates on earth. Likewise, the union of two people, as lead by God’s Spirit, epitomizes and portrays our Lords desire to be one with His people.

Unfortunately, in the Christian church, affection is often limited for fear of sexual misconduct. In an effort to keep people from sinning, physical affection is severely restricted. It becomes the boogieman that everyone fears at every turn.

God wants to express His love to us through each other

Consequently, the church blocks holy consummation at every turn, even though God wants to express Himself. In some churches, the clergy even limits and monitors hugging.

While we do not wish to act inappropriately towards others, everyone needs to feel loved. When it comes to humans, love is often demonstrated through hugs, kisses, and just being near each other. Restricting this godly behavior limits how God can love us through one another.

Consider what God says about Holy Consummation

I invite you to read and consider about God’s holy consummation and consider whether these things be true. God desires to love us, let allow Him to be sovereign in our lives and do it.

Big hugs and lots of love,


Revelation Song by Kari Jobe