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Spiritual Union

What John saw in heaven

God writes,

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.  And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

Revelation 21:1,2

The focus of the plan of God

I submit to you, that these verses are among the most important in both the Old and New Testaments. They are the focal point of everything God is doing. They speak of the end result of our salvation through Jesus Christ. Literally, God is about to make a new creation.

Furthermore, everything God does makes more sense from this lofty vantage point. It is as if the prophets stood on His holy mountain in New Jerusalem, and wrote both testaments. Seen from that perspective everything in God starts to become clear.

Strangers in this strange land

Saints, through the earnest of our inheritance (or down payment), experience the world to come. This is why we are able to do miracles in Jesus name.  A miracle here is common place occurrence there. We are citizens of another place, that is why we are in this world but not of it. Speaking in tongues signifies we are strangers in this strange land.  We are new creations in Christ Jesus because only perfection can exist in the New Heavens and New Earth. Through the Holy Spirit, we are presently seated in heavenly places (the new creation) with Jesus at the right hand of God.

A greater than marriage: Spiritual Unions

In that place, in the world to come, we are neither married nor given in marriage because we are returned to a greater relationship than marriage: Spiritual Un

ions.  Spiritual Unions are the original and higher form of relationship that God intended from the beginning.  In the New Heavens and New

Earth all relationships are led by the Holy Spirit.  We connect, to various degrees, as led by God’s Spirit. From simple friendships to sexual intercourse, everything we do is a product of submission to the will of our Father.

The lines between these two creations are blurring more and more as we yield to God’s Spirit.  The foretaste of the world to come is directly proportional to the degree we allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in this world.  The mighty men and women of the Bible did their mighty deeds through crossing over from this creation to the next.  The acts they did through God, which we call miracles, are just “business as usual” in the New Heavens and New Earth.

United according to God’s will

A Spiritual Union displaces a natural relationship.  As we yield to God’s Spirit, He begins to connect us according to His will.  This means that Spiritual Unions override our natural choice of relationship. This is why married people as well as single people connect without regard for manmade commitments.

In fact, a spiritual union in this creation echos our eternal relationships in the world to come. What God predestined from the foundation of this world takes place in our lives, because it is already a reality in the New Heavens and New Earth.  We connect here because we are currently connected there. Spiritual Unions are not random events, but a foretaste of our relationships with each other which already exist in another place.  In fact, this is what it means to be seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

Time is no more

Our spirits exist outside of time because they are eternal. This is why, through the Holy Spirit, we know things to come.  We see the future because, through out spirits, we’re already there. While, in this creation, we have to wait for a series of events to take place in order to reach a certain point in time, in the spiritual realm everything is present tense.

Likewise, our spiritual unions in the New Heavens and New Earth already exist in eternity.  Though, in this creation we must wait until that time, spiritually speaking we are already there.  When we allow the Holy Spirit to indwell us, He lifts us up into heavenly places.  We begin to see everything from the standpoint of the heavenlies.  In the book of Revelation John looks down upon the Earth through a sea of glass seeing the future as though it is the present.  From God’s perspective everything just “is” and time is irrelevant.

Earthly marriage is finite

Earthly marriage, unless it is a Spiritual Union, is finite. What people are experiencing now, through spiritual unions, is their relationships of the New Heavens and New Earth.  When you are deeply connected with another man or woman by God’s Spirit you are actually experiencing your mate from another time and another place. This is why you feel like you have known each other forever.   This is why you feel more comfortable with them than your earthly mate. You sense that your relationship is eternal because, in fact, it is.

Walk in the Spirit

Christians, for all the supernatural things they talk about, know surprisingly little about the spiritual realm.  In fact, we honor our natural minds so much that we block anything that seems to be too supernatural.  What I am speaking about right now probably seems like christian mysticism but it is, frankly, a greater reality than anything we presently know.  God’s Spirit is real and what you see presently is just an illusion.

God says,

“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

1 Corinthians 2:9

If this is true, then everything God has for us is supernatural. Everything that we are going to experience is not of this world. Whatever God has in store for them that love Him is, by the very scriptures, beyond what we now know. Therefore Jesus says,

“If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?”

John 3:12

What is your marriage before God?

In conclusion, Spiritual Unions are eternal forms of relationships. These relationships currently exist in the New Heavens and New Earth.  Earthly marriages, entered into without the leading of the Holy Spirit are at best temporal contracts between natural minded people.  At worse, earthly marriages are against the will of God and frustrate His plans for all those involved and those they effect.

In this world but not of it

Finally, as we move more and more into the Spirit the things of this earth grow strangely dim.  As we become like Christ, we increasingly walk in heavenly places with Him.  The cool of the day, for us, is walking in the Spirit. Our actions and mannerisms align with our eternal home: the New Heavens and New Earth.  Our customs morph into a mode of life, not of this world, but from a New Creation.  Miracles are common place, relationships adhere to the conventions of our home, and we are increasingly become in this world but not of it.


Artists, many times without realizing it, sing about Divine Love and Spiritual Union

H.O.L.Y. by Florida Georgia Line