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God's Rhema

The Truth About God’s Rhema

There is a misconception that permeates Christianity and that is this: The Bible is all the revelation of God. This is promulgated by misguided clergy and their denominations everywhere. In effect, they say that everything God has said, says, and will say, is contained withing the 66 books of cannon.

The truth is, the scriptures are only a small sub-set of God’s revelation. It is a small portion of the “Rhema.” When we realize this, we put God’s word into perspective. Moreover, we realize that God can and does speak today just as much as He spoke in times past.

The Rhema of God is not ambiguous

Natural minded people object to the concept of “Rhema,” because, to them, it feels like anything goes. Without a definite limit of what is and is not God’s word, they “fear” deception. However, to those who are lead by the Holy Spirit, they rightly discern what is and is not God’s word. Whether it be within the cannon of established scripture, of something that God says today, they know their Father’s voice.

Therefore, we need not fear new revelation, for we know from whence it comes by virtue of “my sheep here my voice.” If it is of Him, we gladly hear it, if not, we pay no attention to it.

Read about God’s Rhema

I invite you to read about God’s Rhema and see if these things be true. Allow God to witness to your spirit about His truth and hold fast that which you find good.

Big hugs and lots of love,


Ancient Words by Michael W. Smith

(The ancient words are God’s Rhema from which the Bible was taken)