the truth is out there


The Truth Is Out There

There  was a show called the X-files.  It is about two FBI agents, one who believes in paranormal phenomenon and one who does not.  Together, they work a series of unexplained cases that defy normal explanation. These cases are called “The X-files”   Mulder, the main character, often says to his partner “the truth is out there, Scully.”

Scully is a true skeptic.  Nothing that happens, no matter how other worldly, convinces her to believe.  Mulder, her partner, is always trying to convince her that the other worldky things which happen to him are real.


The truth is out there brethren


Sometimes, I want to say, “the truth is out there, Brethren.”  I want to tell them that God does move in amazing and miraculous ways; you just have to believe.  However, many times, those I speak to are so mired in skepticism that they reason away anything that seems supernatural and simply will not embrace the truth.

When I say the truth is out there, I mean that the truth, the reality of God, is beyond what we understand now.  We cannot find it where we are because it’s further “out there” than we’ve ever imagined.  God left the normal definition of church centuries ago and is now at a whole new level of deeper and broader understanding.


Of course the truth is out there


God dwells in the heaven of heavens and this Earth is merely His footstool.  Of course the truth is out there… it is out there where God dwells and is supernatural because He is.   Let us not play the skeptic any longer but let us be true believers in search of something amazing, something beyond what we know now.  The truth is out there, brethren, it is out there in the Spirit.  Let’s go and find it!