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No Shoes

I Am Not Worthy To Wear Shoes

There was certain evangelist who was part of our church group in Kenya that wore no shoes. I thought that he was just too poor to afford any, but one day He told us why he always walked barefoot. He said that before God saved him he was a drunkard and a very bad person. One time he killed a man just for his shoes. When he gave his heart to Jesus he made a vow to never again wear shoes so that he would remember what kind of man he used to be.

There was another woman who came to our church. She grew up very hard and suffered a lot of abuse. One day, with a rope around her neck she was about to hang herself on a tree when she heard faint music. As She listened the music was the sweetest she had ever heard. She took the rope off and went towards the singing and found an open air crusade. She heard the gospel and gave her heart to Jesus that very day.

It is important to obey when God tells you

A christian believer had a dream. In that dream an angel told him to go to the next village and talk to a certain man he knew. Very early in the morning, when it was still dark, he arose and started walking to the hut of person the Angel spoke about. When he arrived, he knocked on the door but there was no answer. He pushed his way inside only to find the man had just hanged himself and was almost dead. He cut him down and shared the gospel with him and the man was saved.

A woman’s son had just died. He was growing cold. The other women in the hut were crying out. She prayed. One hour went by and then another. Still she prayed for the little lifeless body in her arms. Suddenly, her boy came back to life and the spirit of God filled the place and everyone fell to their knees weeping and repenting.

We serve a living God, His name is Jesus

Our Father is all around us doing miracles on a daily basis. We serve a living God who is more loving and more powerful to save than we could ever imagine. The same God who worked in these peoples lives is the same wonderful Person that loves us. Let us look to Him for everything and believe Him for anything for He is well able to do above and beyond What we ask.

Annie Herring Interview and Testimony