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Are You In Love With God?

Twenty-four Elders agree,

“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”

Revelation 4:11

God creates all things for His pleasure, therefore, Yahweh creates us for His pleasure too.

Know the times and the seasons

There are times and seasons to God’s revelation.  During the reformation, God emphasized salvation.  During the first part of the 19th century, our Father highlighted the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Now, in our time, our Heavenly Lover speaks to us about oneness.

It is a time of love and as our love heightens, we naturally desire to express our affections.  So too, as deep calls to deep, we come to know our Creator through one another in Divine Love.  If the earthly marriage bed is undefiled, then the heavenly marriage bed is even more holy.  Truly, we live in the time prophesied of in the Song of Solomon.  As God’s future wife, our calling is to embrace and yield to Him for His pleasure.

God makes us for His pleasure

God creates a woman for a man’s pleasure.  As she yields her heart and body to his love, she receives pleasure ,too.  What many people do not understand is that God created mankind for His pleasure.  In other words, we are created to be God’s mate.  We are, in fact, a Seraphim in the making.

God says,

“Thou madest him a little lower than the angels; thou crownedst him with glory and honour, and didst set him over the works of thy hands::

Hebrews 2:7

Seraphim are God’s wives.  They are beings of immense power and intimacy.  In fact, unless you approach God’s throne very closely, you cannot even see them.  If Solomon is a type of God in His kingdom, then He has many, beautiful Seraphim.

Spiritual/physical unions

Created for his pleasure means pleasure.  It is not some puritanical pleasure that only exists as a concept in our minds.  God mates with us through our spiritual/physical unions with each other.  As we unite as man and woman we unite with God, bringing Him pleasure, too.  Of course, God derives pleasure from His whole creation, but the pleasure He gains from His union with us is why He created everything in the first place.

We are the Bride of Christ and our destiny is to embrace our heavenly lover, knowing Him as intimately as possible.  Though not everything between a man and women is sexual, intimacy forms the basis of their union.  Though everything with God is not sensual, intimacy forms the basis of our union with Him, too.

Intimacy is holy, don’t defile it

God hates adultery simply because He must be present during it whether or not He wants to.  When men and women mate, no matter how it is accomplished, God must be there.  Originally, our creator meant for our spiritual/physical unions to be a celebration of life and His Divine Love.  However, Satan debases and degrades what God made “very good” into something that people associate with animal lust.

Have you ever wondered why there is so much sexual immorality in the world?  Why do soldiers rape so many women during conflicts?  How do humans do such things to other humans?  It is because the devil HATES God and knows that He must be present during such brutal acts.  Fallen Lucifer seeks to drag God and His creation through the worst violence imaginable in order to hurt Him.  Can you imagine how it pains God to witness and feel His crowning creation, the daughters of Eve, be violated?  No wonder the Lake of Fire is in Satan’s future.

Realize what you are to God.

Our lover says,

How fair and how pleasant art thou, O love, for delights!  This thy stature is like to a palm tree, and thy breasts to clusters of grapes.  I said, I will go up to the palm tree, I will take hold of the boughs thereof: now also thy breasts shall be as clusters of the vine, and the smell of thy nose like apples;”

Song of Solomon 7:6-8

It’s time to kiss the Bridegroom

We are no more children, but are becoming the Bride of Christ, the object of God’s affection.  God creates us for His pleasure.  Being a delight and pleasure to God is our destiny.

In conclusion,  spiritual/physical intimacy is the reason God created mankind.  Everything about the way a man is with a woman highlights and portrays what God desires from us.  Eve is God’s crowning achievement in this creation.  The Bride of Christ is, like her, created to be loved and to love just like she was.  To the greater Eve I say this, “you are created for His pleasure”.


Picture The Bride Of Christ Singing To God

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