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The Great Deception

We are blind and we do not know it, because we have grown up in a world of blindness. However, when we come to know Jesus, he gives us sight so that we might truly see.

In our generation, their is a great deception taking place all around us and most of us know it not. I call this “Strong Delusion.” It took me many years and a gradual realization that I did not see things straight, to understand the depth of Strong delusion.

At first, I thought that perhaps we were just at the edges of this great deception. However, as God opened my eye further, I came to realize that we are in the midst of it now. Lately, I have begun to wonder if we are nearer to the Antichrist than I ever imagined.

Strong delusion has teeth, it is not simply doom-saying

A lot of people have very negative views of the future, but what I am talking about is not doom-saying. Rather, Strong Delusion is a symptom of a lack of light, the light of the Holy Spirit. Many Christians are bound up in this Strong delusion and are completely unaware of it, because they are purely natural minded. They do not listen to our honor the Holy Spirit, which is the only one that can truly open our eyes that we may see.

The problem with those caught in this deception is that they are being set up to receive and follow that man of sin, the Antichrist. If we do not learn how to hear God’s voice now, we will not be able to hear it when the son of perdition is revealed.

Only strong revelation can fight strong delusion

In invite you to read these essays and open your eyes to what is truly going on around you. Allow Jesus to speak to your hear and mind. The only remedy for strong delusion is strong revelation. The only one who can give you strong revelation is Christ himself.

Big hugs and lots of love,


All Call by Keith Green