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what is tabernacles

The Answer Is: Oneness With God

What is Tabernacles and why should you care?  It is the spiritual fulfillment of the Old Testament Feast of Tabernacles.  God commanded Israel to keep three main feasts:

For each of these main feasts there is a spiritual fulfillment in the church age (the time we now live in):

Each of the essays below describe different aspects of what Tabernacles is and what it means for you and the Christian Church. Tabernacles is the love of God shed abroad in our hearts, however, most people have little idea of what that really means. My writings attempt to answer this question, however, little could prepare you for the truth.

Tabernacles is Divine Intimacy Restored

I am very frank about intimacy with God and with other members of the Body of Christ. Sometimes I wonder about handing over these truths to those who may not be ready for them, however, in the final analysis each of us is personally responsible to hear and obey God’s voice. Therefore, I will simply trust that God knows how to lead and guide His people.

The reason you should care about Tabernacles is that you will soon be in it. This is the last and greatest spiritual awakening in the church age. Divine love will literally make the Antichrist government grind to a halt. Many a spiritual destiny will hinge upon the acceptance or rejection of Divine love and Spiritual Connections.

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Finally, the reason that you need to know what Tabernacles is, hinges upon the times that we live in.  We are in the end times and things are moving fast.  We cannot afford to coast through life as a Christian any longer.  Shortly, the Antichrist will force us to make choices in God that, if we are not used to hearing and obeying His voice, will be difficult.  Tabernacles is the necessary oil of the Holy Spirit we must have to find our way.  Without it we will not be able to enter into the marriage supper and be the Bride of Christ.

God bless,