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Tied Down

The Sleeping Giant Will Awake

There is a stirring going on among the members of the body of Christ. As of yet it cannot be seen as any sort of unified movement, but it is as if a great spiritual Gulliver is awaking and, in spite of all the cords that bind Him, is beginning to rise up and break free.

There have been three (possibly four) great awakenings in the United States.  These revivals have swept America and, indeed, moved over the whole Earth like great pressure waves of the Spirit.

A single spark!

It is interesting that every explosion has some sort of mechanism to ignite it.  A single spark begins a chain reaction that breaks the chemical or nuclear bonds releasing so much energy so that, once the bonds are broken, anything that stands in its way is simply obliterated.

I believe that the energy of the Holy Spirit that is bound up within believers is exactly the same way.  For so long we have been tied up by Lilliputians that have sought, out of fear, to restrict our movement.  As we have slept on the beach of this world little men, who think they know better than God, have been trying to tie us down.  Through their efforts they believe they have us under control.

Nothing in this world can hold us down!

Though many have tried to bind and control us everything they have done will be undone in a single day.  They have vastly underestimated the strength of the Body of Christ because we have been, as it were, a sleeping giant on the beach.  Once we begin to stir we will break our bonds as easily as Samson freed himself from those who tried to bind him.  Those who seek to control the Holy Spirit in us will suddenly realize the utter futility of their actions.

I believe that their are spiritual detonators among us. God filled blasting caps. Those with the ability to provide the spark needed to ignite the hearts and minds of this generation. Those, who can and will initiate a chain reaction that will break the bonds that restrain their brethren and set Body of Christ free! They have the Spirit necessary to begin to release all that pent up Holy Spirit energy exploding in a mighty wave of revival sweeping the entire earth.

So I say this to those who are foolishly trying to bind the body of Christ,

“Stand clear! A Spiritual Giant Is About To Wake!”


Love Shine A Light by Katrina and The Waves