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Can You Explain It To Me?

Suppose, for instance, you had never eaten a mango, but you wanted me to tell you what it tasted like?  How would I describe it to you?  I could talk about its shape,  perhaps its color, or maybe how it might smell or feel in your mouth.  However, after I did my best to tell you about the characteristics of a mango, would you really know how it tastes?

The truth is that until you bite into a ripe mango, experiencing its sweet, juicy flavor for yourself, you can never fully appreciate what a mango tastes like. So too, when I speak of the Tabernacle experience, I cannot tell you exactly what it is because you must experience it for yourself.  Like the mango, until you bite into it you will never truly know it.

Taste and see that the Lord is good

The Tabernacle experience of “oneness with God” is somewhat like the Salvation and somewhat like the Pentecost experience, but it is as still as different as an apple is from a mango.  Though they may both come from trees you cannot know one by experiencing the other.

I am like a man who has happened upon an entire grove of mango trees.  I have eaten of their fruit and found the taste sweeter than anything that has ever passed through my lips here on Earth.  Yet, for all the ways I have tried to describe it, until you go there yourself you will never really know what the Tabernacle experience is all about.  All I can do is point you in the right direction but you must make the journey.  You must see it, hold it, taste it.

You must experience Tabernacles for yourself

Some want me to tell them exactly what it means to be a Tabernacle Christian, but I cannot do that. I cannot give you the Tabernacles experience any more than I can taste a mango for you.  If I try to explain Divine Love through step by step instructions I will fail miserably.  Nothing I  could possibly say could ever do this heavenly experience justice.  Truly, as the  old-time Pentecostals used say, “it is better felt than telt.”

I testify, to those who hunger and thirst after more of God, that the country I visited is good.  I bring you a report of a fair land that we are well able to possess.  The vision I preach is that of a united Body of Christ, one with each other because they are one with their Father.  The Spirit that I have to impart is the Holy Spirit that flows through me, by measure, to those who will receive Him.  I am a signpost meant to direct you towards the Tabernacle experience so that if you seek it you may find it.  As one who has gone just a little bit further, I beckon you to come see what I have found.

Tabernacles is the real Shangri-La

Like the fictional character Robert Conway in the movie “Lost Horizons” I long to return to this Shangri-La.  I would do anything to once again experience God’s Divine love through my brethren.  Once you have tasted of Tabernacles the world is truly an endless wilderness.  After experiencing spiritual connections there is nothing left to do, but to hope and pray for that heavenly Shangri-La.

Unfortunately, I cannot return to the Tabernacle Experience without my brethren.  Therefore, I testify over and over, in every way I can possible, of the wonders of that place. I pray I live to see the day when the waters part and we set foot together once again in that promised land. That is my home, that is my rest, and that, my friends, is a foretaste of the world to come.

Lost Horizon ending