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Jesus Army evangelism


Jesus On The Streets

When I was in Bible College I would volunteer to go out and witness at university campuses in our area.  One leader of our group told me that witnessing was a “numbers game”.  It’s necessary to speak to a certain number of people in order to find one person open to the gospel.  I remember thinking to myself, “this sounds more like selling Kirby vacuum cleaners than sharing the good news.”

Now days I believe quite differently, and my methodology has changed too.  Instead of random chance, it is more productive to be spirit led by  God who to witness to and when.  At any given time there are a certain number of people who who are open to talk to God.  Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing who these people or where they are.  However, God knows and if Listen to Him, He will tell me.

Let God led aand guide

Tabernacles evangelism is simply letting God lead and guide us in our missionary efforts. We believe Him to a degree and extent greater than we ever thought possible.  It is a total yielding to God not only of our minds and spirits but also our very bodies. We become, as much as we are able, a manifestation of God to those we are seeking to minister too.

Becoming, by measure, God manifest in the flesh is what the lost are really wanting.  When people are confused, hurting, or seeking answers they really want to meet and have a talk with God Himself.  They want to sit down with the Boss and not some mid or low level employee.  Speak with the person who has the power to do something is directly concerned with them.  They want to hear His voice, look into His eyes, and feel His touch.  Only God will do and when they see Him, suddenly all their barriers come down. When they know God is present, they instinctively open up to hear what you say, because God speaks through you.

Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have I give unto thee

Essentially, this is what happened at the Gate Beautiful. When Peter said to the lame man “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.”  It was not Peter who caused the lame man to walk but the Holy Spirit. God that dwelt in the apostle performed the miracle because He honored the name of His son Jesus.  Just as God flowed through Jesus, God flowed  through Peter.

God wants to flow through us to such a degree that they see God looking back at them.  They hear us speak it is the voice of our omniscient Father. It is not our natural minds, but the One who knows exactly what they are going through.  When we lay a hand on them for comfort or healing it is the hand of God they feel.   This is fully manifested tabernacle evangelism. This must take place if we ever hope to effectively share the gospel with the lost in this present age.

His yoke is easy and his burden is light

Our yoke is easy and our burden is light when we do not have to carry it.  It is when we walk in the Spirit and we are not tempted by the lusts of the flesh. When God takes over to such an extent that He does the witnessing, THAT IS TABERNACLE EVANGELISM. It is a natural outflow of becoming one with our Father through the Divine Love. 

God is love and when we become one with God we become love.  His wisdom becomes our wisdom.  His omniscient knowledge becomes available to us as we allow Him to speak through us.  We know what we know simply because God gives it to us. By faith, yield our minds and mouths to Him for the work of the ministry.

True evangelism is a specific, spirit-led action

In conclusion, evangelism is not a numbers game but a very specific Spirit- led action. God leads us to the specific people whom He wants to speak to or comfort that day. One time I was driving along the interstate highway and I felt to take a specific off ramp. I just felt God drawing to do so…so I did.  After being led by His Spirit, I ended up at a Christian couple’s home I hadn’t visited for years.  

The wife came to the door and she was in tears.  I asked what was the matter and she said that her husband had gotten into trouble with the police. That day he was to go before a judge to see if he would go to prison.  

A fateful letter

She had just opened a letter from her husband, who had been off his meds, but was now back on, and was deeply distressed.  I listened, spoke what God gave me to say to her, and  we prayed.  She felt very comforted, because she realized that God was the one who sent me. In that dark hour, God cared, in a real and personal way, about what they were going through.

What the woman needed that day was for God to personally show up.  She needed to hear directly from Him to know that He had things under control.  God was able to do that through me simply because I listened and obeyed on time.  Had I neglected to take that turn I may not have been able to speak into her life.  To her, that day, I was God manifest in the flesh when she needed Him most.

Let the Holy Spirit lead and guide

Each one of us has this ability if we let the Holy Spirit guide us on a daily basis.  When we make God more important than our “to do list” He is free to accomplish miraculous things.  This is our destiny as fully restored Tabernacle saints. When we say, “we are the Father are one,” then greater works than Jesus did will be done through us.

Open Your Eyes by Keith Green