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whatever He wants

Here is an eternal truth,

“We are to do whatever He wants, with whomever He wants, at whatever time He wants to do it.”

What I’ve just written encompasses everything in God. As His bride, we obey Christ without question and we take no thought for tomorrow. Whatever He wants to do, be it prayer, witnessing, or loving each other, we do it all for Him. Thus, we become like Christ, seeing Him face to face in our brethren.

In the Garden of Eden, had we not fallen, our lives would have been very different. The original plan of our Father had nothing to do with the way things have turned out so far. That is why, when He is done saving the souls that believe, He simply rolls this existence up like a scroll and is done with it.

Shed everything before your God

True nakedness before God is shedding everything and allowing Him everywhere in our lives. As Abishag danced before Solomon, giving herself wholly for His pleasure, we are to become fully vulnerable to our Lord and satisfy Him, too.

Do whatever He wants, because His satisfaction is the reason for speaking us into existence in the first place. Created for His pleasure, we allow Him to enter us and create His children. This happens in two ways; first, by allowing His nature to be formed in us, and secondly, by bringing forth after His kind. As we bear the image and likeness of our heavenly Father, so too our children are born in His image and likeness. This is the mystery of the church.

Come back to the Garden

Walking in the Spirit, which is coming back into our pre-fallen state, makes us naked before God and each other. The lack of attire, if that happens, is just a manifestation of our inward state of innocence. Like children shedding their clothes as they rush headlong into a swimming hole, we lose our outward coverings just as easily in His presence.

Only by the Spirit can we see things as they once were in paradise. The natural man cannot know the mysteries of God for they are Spiritually discerned. In our fallen state, unless the Holy Spirit simply tells us and “we believe”, the first love of Eden doesn’t makes any sense.

Perfection cannot be taught

Likewise, Tabernacles is not something that can be taught, it is must be experienced. Only the Spirit, speaking directly to our spirits, imparts such wisdom. Thankfully, just like salvation and speaking in tongues, it’s a free gift you simply ask for.

This is the break I see happening in the church. In one group, there are those who adhere to the belief that teaching leads God’s people into perfection. However, in the other emerging group, they believe that experiencing Him causes them to change back into His image. These two camps form the dividing line between those who leave this world and those who are left behind.

The middle ground is shrinking

Presently, these two camps are all mixed together. Some are teaching oriented and some are not, then there is a vast group that is a little of both. However (and this is not far off) God causes these two groups to choose where they stand. On one side, those who trust in their natural minds will follow the spirit of Antichrist. On the other side, those who hear the Holy Spirit, will become the Bride of Christ. This is the great falling away.

To return to the Garden, we cannot take anything of this world with us. Anything that is not of God cannot exist there. Essentially, the New Heavens and New Earth is the full recreation of the original world before sin. Everything begins anew and God bring us, in our glorified bodies, to that new world. This is what it means to be “born again”.

Behold, I make all things new

As we come into His perfection, God renews our minds, our hearts, and our very lives in preparation to become citizens of heaven. Just as Christ cleansed the temple, Jesus cleanses us. This is through the washing of the water of His word. However, the truth which renews us is given by revelation and not through the knowledge of good.

Sharing these truths with the natural minded people is like giving a loaded gun to a child. The power of the things God shares is beyond what most can imagine. It is not because of me or anything I possess, it is just simply a function of God speaking. Most of the time we never hear the unadulterated truth, but only what “ministers” think we can handle.

The way I look at it though, I must do whatever He wants. Those who are going to shoot themselves with what He says are perishing anyway. Though one rose from the dead, they would not believe. On the other hand, those who will hear His words of His Spirit are already marked out for life.


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