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wake me up inside

Wake Me Up Inside.

People are shattered inside by the effects of sin and shame.  No matter who you are or where you come from, if God doesn’t dwell in you, you feel like an empty vessel.  Ever since His Holy Spirit left us in Eden, our spirits lay dormant inside us.  The Tabernacle Experience is the answer to our collective yearning.  Divine Love wakes us up inside, restoring us to paradise.  We cannot be whole without His Holy Spirit living in and through us.

Wake me up inside

Returning on the day of Pentecost, God gave Himself as a gift to all those present.  While Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection opens the door, personally it is the Holy Spirit that wakes me up inside.  The power of God which raised Christ from the dead is doing that same work in me.  God’s Spirit transforms me into a spotless Bride, not by might, nor by power, but through His Spirit.  Wake me up inside, Jesus, so that I can live again both in this world and the next. Fill every part of me with your Holy Spirit,  illuminating those hidden areas I never open to anyone.   My Love, “Wake me up inside” and make me yours.

Fill me with Your Spirit

Musicians, secular and Christian alike, articulate profound spiritual truths. Believers sing “Fill Me Up Lord”, never realizing what they are really singing about. Artists sing, “wake me up inside”, expressing their longing to be filled plainly.  Often, believers make too much of the division between the saved and unsaved.  The truth is, God works extensively on each one of us before we give our hearts to Him.  Therefore, even though many still dwell in darkness, God is working on them even in their confusion. I invite you to listen to these two songs. Stand back, forget who is performing, and allow your spirit to understand what they are saying.

 Compare this song to the next.  Both are true.

Bring Me To Life by Evanescence, cover by Elisha Lang & Abel Lovac

Broken Vessels by Hillsong Worship