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Lord of intimacy

God created love.

No matter how much the Christian church wants to scrub their religious system free of it, God is the Lord of sex.  There it is, praise our heavenly lover for doing so.  God designed lovemaking and said, on the sixth day, it was very good.  In fact, the first commandment that YHWH gave to Adam and Eve included a directive to be intimate.

Our Lord says,

“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

Genesis 1:28

YHWH made intimacy for Himself.

Many believe, erroneously, that sex is strictly a natural, biological need whose sole function is procreation.  However, while that is certainly one outcome of it, what sex actually does is allow God to mate with mankind.  Through the physical union of male and female, God is in our midst.  The physical aspect of mating is actually a very small part of the total.  As men and woman procreate in the flesh, they are also procreative with God too. In fact, lovemaking is supposed to be holy consummation, ideally, to bring forth the children of God.  The virgin birth signifies, primarily, the holy union of God and man.

The Devil attacks and perverts the miracle of procreation for precisely this reason.  Coupling in God is so holy, so pure, that Satan hates it.  Also, fallen Lucifer knows God must be present during conception, therefore, she does everything in her power to defile it.  She, that fallen Seraph, does this in order to hurt God and cause Him pain.  Abortions, hysterectomies, and birth control are, in the main, meant to hurt God too.

God is the Lord of intimacy.

Our YHWH created all things physical and delights in everything He made.  Procreation is at the center of this creation, simply because all that God made demonstrates one central truth: God wants to have kids.  Not only that, He wants to have kids through a perfected Bride who is totally and madly in love with Him.

God judged Eve with greatly multiplied pain in childbirth, because she allowed another to take His position.  God intended man and women to live by revelation.  Our Lord forbade us to know good and evil.  Our minds and hearts are meant for only His Spirit so that He, through us, could make love and procreate.  Essentially, when Eve listened to the serpent, she violated that sacred relationship between herself and YHWH.  Only God was ever to have access to her mind and heart, therefore, when she allowed herself and Adam to listen to another, His Spirit divorced them and left.

The infilling of the Holy Spirit is a big deal

This is why the Day of Pentecost was such a big deal.  Since the dawn of time, man had not had God’s Spirit indwell them.  To be sure, a few prophets may have been filled, but in general, God had divorced the human race.  Without God’s Spirit dwelling in us, our children were not born as God intended.  In fact, John the Baptist and Jesus were one of the few kids  conceived and born by His Spirit since the Garden of Eden.

Our Father, who currently dwells in heaven, desires a Bride.  Holiness is not the absence of physical intimacy, rather, holiness is having intimacy according to the Spirit of the living God.  All forms of intimacy, when led by the Holy Spirit, are proper.  The clergy are essentially doing the work of Lucifer by restricting His people from loving each other.  Keeping people from holy intimacy is preventing the maturing of the Bride of Christ into the wife of the Most High.

A fearful clergy restricts the Lord of intimacy

The church restricts intimacy, because, for the most part, their leadership is natural minded.  Neo-pharisees fear most types of intimacy in their midst.  Therefore, instead of teaching the people to be Spirit led in intimacy, they enforce regulations to keep people from it.  The dress codes of some conservative churches epitomize this type of attitude.  However, even if people are dressed conservatively, made not to hug inappropriately, people still sin in their hearts daily.  It is really a failed experiment.

The solution to this problem is to embrace our Lord of intimacy and teach people to be led by His Spirit.  If we are filled with the love of God, which is really just His nature, we obey the law of love.  Loving each other, as God loves, we do only what is kind, righteous, and in their best interest.  This precludes all the types of sexual sin, because all of those selfish acts are simply not of God.

A Holy Kiss is a pure expression of Holy love

When God hugs a brother or sister through you, it does not matter whether it is a side-hug or frontal.  When God kisses one saint through another, it is ok.  It is the heart and motivation of the act that makes it proper or improper, not the outward appearance.  If you are walking in the Spirit, allowing God to manifest through you, you simply won’t commit sexual sin because that desire is not in you.  In fact, this is the only way to walk perfectly before God in intimate areas.

What bothers natural minded people is that they don’t trust anyone with such freedom, because they don’t trust themselves.  Usually, the people who are most offended by intimate freedom have the most difficulties with lust.  They struggle to suppress what they consider to be inordinate sexual desires, therefore they assume everyone else is lustful too.  Thus, they judge others because of their own personal struggles.

Holy intimacy is pure, righteous, and of God

However, and this is the core of all sexual sin, Satan has perverted sex so much that we don’t realize what Holy intimacy is any more.  We are all simply full of shame.  Anything that looks like sex is automatically suspect and rejected as potentially inappropriate in our minds.  A woman, just for showing cleavage or leg, is automatically sexualized in many people’s minds because they assume certain motives.   Men who hug a lot can be misjudged for being inappropriate just because they are being loving.  Everything becomes an outward judgment based upon assumption and natural minded fears, no matter what the heart of the individual.

In the beginning it was not so.  We were naked and unashamed.  We stood before God, the creator of heaven and earth, as nude as the woman pictured above.  Whether God himself was clothed or not is debatable.  If God was in a long flowing, white robe, would not have Adam asked Him about it?  The mere fact that, for many, something inside us recoils at that thought, demonstrates our conflicting feelings about intimacy.

The Devil does not have all the fun

In conclusion, the Antichrist has no limits on sexuality, as long as it is not holy intimacy.  For people who follow Him, anything goes.  It is not the way our Creator made things to be, but people are so hungry for intimacy, they put up with the bad.  However, what God has for His Elect, even in the area of intimacy, far surpasses anything sin has to offer, and without the bad consequences.

Finally, intimacy is a fundamental need we all share, and lack of holy intimacy makes us vulnerable to unholy intimacy.  Don’t deny your intimate needs, only allow God to meet those desires in the ways He sees fit.  Realize too, that God’s version of intimacy between believers is very expansive and not anywhere as restrictive as our modern day clergy would have us believe.  What is considered a moral norm in church, is actually abject legalism.  Fearful leadership has put people under bondage and we need to be delivered.  Let’s break free and love our God intimately through each other as His Spirit leads.

Holy Kiss by Ragbirds