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Listen, Hear, and Obey On Time

Listen, Hear, and Obey on Time

God Meant For Mankind To Live Only Through Revelation

It is my contention that man was originally meant to live only by revelation. We were never meant to live by the knowledge of good and evil. It is also my contention that God wants to bring those who know salvation back into the pre-fallen state of sinless perfection that Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden.

Presently, the fundamental error in Christianity is that we believe that knowledge of good will help us become like Christ. However, if there is one thing that Christ was not about it was the knowledge of good or evil. That is not how He lived at all. Jesus lived by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of His Father, and He did not partake of the forbidden fruit. Thus, teaching people about good does not, in any way, teach them to be like Christ.

Listen to God

Teaching has become an idol in the Christian church and it is literally preparing people to receive the antichrist. When pastors teach people to trust their natural minds they prepare them to follow the antichrist.  People follow the antichrist because he is the very epitome of the natural minded man.

If we want to be like Christ we have to start living like Christ. This means that we must walk in the Spirit by listening, hearing and obeying the voice of God. We cannot allow our natural minds to dictate what God can and cannot do.  Don’t do what you consider “good”, only do what God says to do every hour of every day.

God, speak to me

In conclusion, the knowledge of good kills us just as much as the knowledge of evil.  God does not want mankind to partake of either one.  YHWH ordains that believers live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. This is why we are to be led ONLY by His Spirit and only trust the Father’s voice. This is why, above all else, we must listen, hear and obey on time.

When You Speak To Me by Twila Paris