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Hear His Still Small Voice…

Lately, people have asked how to hear God clearly.  What I want you to know is that God does not shout.  He speaks in a still, small voice.  You have to quiet yourself and truly, actively listen. In the beginning, you might only hear Him in your heart when you feel to do certain things like say a kind word to another or give someone a hug.  The key is, the more you obey, the stronger His voice becomes.

You hear God’s voice inside you because that is where He dwells

When you ask for and receive the in filling of the Holy Spirit, God indwells you.  As He speaks, you hear Him in your mind or feel him in your heart or stomach.  It takes time to unlearn years of unbelief so that you do not dismiss what He says as simply your own mind.  Eventually, after you listen, hear, and obey His voice long enough, you begin to form a spiritual habit and gain confidence.

Remember, God does not shout

Learning to hear the voice of God is THE MOST IMPORTANT skill to learn in this hour.  Events are taking place that will require that we know our shepherd’s voice when He speaks.  It is vital to our spiritual and physical survival that we are familiar with the sound of our God so that we can move when He says to move.   We cannot rely upon our natural minds or five senses any longer, for we are in the midst of Strong Delusion.  Only as we are led by His Spirit can we navigate through the age of Antichrist.

Actively listen for His voice

In conclusion, everyone can hear God’s voice.  All you have to do is actively listen and when He speaks take what He says seriously.  If God tells you to do something, then do it when He says to do it.  In this way, you learn to be His sheep and are led by the Good Shepherd.

Are You Hearing God’s Voice by Patricia King