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song of all songs

Dance With Me

We are entering into a mighty move of God’s Spirit. It is a move of Divine Love that connects the Body of Christ throughout the globe. This love is supernatural in origin, penetrating into every part of our being.

We know each other like we have always been together. Instinctively, we open our bodies and souls to those whom God flows through. Our hearts, closed and wounded by years of torment, find healing in the waters of His Holy Love. Like washing in the pool of Siloam, we see again.

Edenic Love

The intimacy God brings to His people is like nothing else we’ve ever experienced before. As Christ’s body unites, we love with a pure edenic love bypassing every cultural norm and tradition of this world. We love freely as we dance to His song of all songs. Touching, caressing, kissing, and holding God’s people becomes the norm as we embrace YHWH in each other.

That which is not of God flees before His presence, releasing us from sin by His love. Our hearts on fire, our bodies react in holy ecstasy, with no more care than if we spoke in other tongues.

A resurrection of love

For those who think their hearts are dead, there is about to be a resurrection of love. For those who believe they can never love again, there is about to be an awakening. Love, such love as we have scarcely ever imagined, is about to flood our souls and bring about the unity of the Spirit in God’s people. This will be an intensely physical, spiritual, and romantic encounter with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We are about to dance with Jesus to the song of all songs.