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In this essay, I write about topics that some consider taboo in Christianity. If frank discussions of intimacy bother you, please do not continue reading.

Immersed In Love

As Esther and I are immersed deeper into the intimacy of God we receive more and more revelation about His Spirit.

Michael begins to muse,

God says,

“How fair and how pleasant art thou, O love, for delights! This thy stature is like to a palm tree, and thy breasts to clusters of grapes. I said, I will go up to the palm tree, I will take hold of the boughs thereof: now also thy breasts shall be as clusters of the vine, and the smell of thy nose like apples;”

Song of Solomon 7:6-8

I was thinking the other day at how your necklace lays between your breasts. The juxtaposition of the sacred with your female form stuck me as so appropriate. It is like God laying between your lovely mounds, just where He should to be. Usually, though, in the world, most people do not put the cross and such intimacy in the same category.

Intimacy is where God dwells


What I’m experiencing lately with our Father is that the interaction between the cross lying on my wife’s lovely breasts and my desire to make love to her is precisely where God dwells. It is more than agape love or even agape sex, it is agape life itself. When I am deep inside of her body and our spirits mingle, God is right there uniting with us.

God is agape (self sacrificial love) by His very nature. In fact, whatever is not of agape is not of Him. Intimacy is at the core of who God is, therefore, He placed it at the core of who we are too. This is why the first casualty of our fall from grace was to become ashamed of our intimate parts.

The virgin birth

Likewise, when God brought forth His son how did He do it? YHWH united intimately with Mary through impregnating her with His divine seed. God chose, on purpose, the most intimate way possible to show us all how much He wants to be one with Mankind.

I suspect the origins of Lucifer’s sin happened when she learned of God’s plan for mankind. God purposed to create a race of beings that could do something she could not: bring forth life. Moreover, when that prideful Seraph saw Eve she became enraged with jealousy. The woman God created was more beautiful than she was. Green with envy, the original Seraph tried to kill Eve through tempting her to eat the forbidden fruit.

What the devil hated, though, God used to bring forth the very one that defeated her. God overshadowed Mary, implanting His holy seed within her womb, bringing forth a man-child that would take away the sins of the world. The offspring of the very “womb-man” that she hated sealed her fate and made the Lake of Fire a certainty for fallen Lucifer and her demons.

God created intimacy and said it was, “very good.”

People sometimes refer to having sex as doing the “nasty.” However, in reality, making love is doing the “Godly” when Spirit-led.  As I’m immersed with you in body, soul, spirit it’s the most thrilling and complete feeling ever.  Our lovemaking, led by His Spirit, is agape sex.  Agape love is the first love of Eden. For a woman to flaunt her breasts with a cross between them is actually the essence of His holiness.

As the Holy Spirit draws my attention to your lovely cleavage and the cross laying on your smooth skin, it is a revelation. For many, if not most, it seems sacrilegious to put God anywhere near sex. But the truth is, we have been wrongly set up to separate intimacy from holiness, because revelation is what sex typifies. When we open up our spirits to God, He enters us and gives us of Himself. We receive his Rhema with joy and thanksgiving, accepting everything He has for us and even wanting more.

All mingled together in Him


However, because our spiritual connection is so wrapped up and tangled between you, myself and God, it’s like all mingled in together. The amazing fact of the matter is that “mingled together ” is exactly how God likes it to be.

God is all about intimacy and with that comes His closeness and mingling at all times, even during sex. Whether others can handle that fact is irrelevant because God meant it to be that way. Who are we to gainsay or try to resist the will of the Spirit? When people deny holy intimacy they deny the very nature of God. Sex isn’t a dirty thing no matter how it’s been abused or how people have been abused with it. Divine intimacy is our very purpose in creation and without it, we fail to become what God desires.

Embracing the goodness of God

It’s hard for people to get their heads around this truth because of how intimacy is portrayed in the world and church. If people have indulged in sexual sin or been abused by those who do, it is hard to embrace it as good and godly.



I think you are right, in all our interactions and being intimate with one another (because we have primarily sought to be spirit led children of God living by revelation) we basically ignore anything not of His divine nature.  Anything we do in Him, loving, sexual, or speaking of revelation is not any of that itemized doctrinal stuff, it is just living in the divine love of God, which encompasses all things said and done.  So, the bottom line is, absolutely is perfect because, in essence, we are having our living, walking, breathing, talking, in and through the Divine Love of God

God is all about the intent of  our hearts and if your intention is towards God then He honours that just like a groom does with his bride who has given her heart to him. A man loves her like she loves him.  Women love from their hearts and, even if it is not done perfectly, their lover accepts her intention and cherishes her for it.  So the bride comes as she is and gives herself to her groom and God embraces her intimately.

God did not design us as we are, for nothing


This is why there is that total mingling between man, woman and God when they all love each other dearly.  A man and woman’s intimacy here on earth is a reflection of the bride and grooms intimacy in heaven, therefore we are never separated beings and this is what spiritual connections reflect.

Humankind is created to be permanently connected with each other and God continuously having a perfect intimate interaction all the time. Like I said other day, when we become more spiritually attune and walking in that place, we should be in more a permanent euphoric, orgasmic state. So even in sex, God is there, which reminds me of the scripture where you can’t get away from God, If I go to far away lands he is there or highest place he is there or to sheol he is there…words to that effect.  He is not going to go all those places (even sheol)…and then fail be in the most intimate times like love making.

Forever Love By Mary Kathryn