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Oh No!  Where Is My Wallet!

God did something very wonderful for me today and I want to share a praise report.  Yesterday, I needed to go in for a medical test several hours away.  It was one of those tests that you have to be fasting since the night before.  So, as advised, I did not eat in the morning, not even drinking water.

Unfortunately, I forgot about daylight savings time and rose an hour early to start my journey. Reaching the hospital early, the receptionist said, “I am sorry sir, you’re not scheduled until Wednesday!”   I protested, greatly put out by the mix up.  Eventually, they found their scheduling department made a mistake and they pledged to “work me in” sometime that day.  That “some time” turned out to be three and one half hours later.  At 1 pm, totally parched and famished, the nurse finally called me in.

Starving at the Hospital

As I prepared for the test, I gave my wallet to my wife for safekeeping.  The whole procedure took about two hours.  I thank God that they found nothing wrong and discharged me three hours later.  Fortunately, directly out of the medical test they fed me a nice meal from the hospital cafeteria.

However, the day after, I asked my wife for my wallet and she said she could not find it.  I panicked!  My driver’s license and credit cards were in that wallet!  All my other licenses etc. were in my wallet!  We called the hospital and they said no one reported finding a wallet.  It seemed like there was nothing more to be done.  Then my wife, who has the gift of the word of knowledge, felt like she should call the gas station we stopped at on the way home.  To me, it seemed like a total long shot, but she made the call.  To her great relief the attendant said, “oh yes, we found his wallet.”

Oh thank God, you have it!

Wow! Praise God.  I thank Him so much.  However, the most amazing thing is that the person who found my wallet in the woman’s restroom knew me by name and face from a church we used to attend many years ago!  How kewl is that!  Not only did someone find my wallet, but the person who found it knew my name and recognized my picture on my license!  (Note, this gas station is about 70 miles from where I live on the interstate highway.)

I  want to praise God and testify that He is great even in the relatively small things in life.  Losing my wallet is not life-threatening, but on top of everything else that happened that day, it would have been very discouraging.  I thank my Father for looking out for me and making my life a little bit easier.

Every Praise by Hezekiah Walker