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There is only one way

In my personal life, I have come to believe that there is only one story. This story, created by God, was laid down for each of us before the foundations of this present creation. This path is God’s perfect will. Moreover, to the extent that we yield to His desires for us, we fulfill His commandments and please Him. This is our sole purpose as human beings.

Many in our present age have reduced serving our Lord to doing only what we believe the scriptures teach us. However, doing what seems right to our natural minds, according to what we think is good, does not please God. It is listening to His voice and doing what He says, when He says to do it, with whomever He says to do it, that actually fulfills His will and accomplishes His purposes. Doing anything else not only wastes our precious time on earth, but hinders others around us from receiving the good God desires to do through us.

What God originally says, He means

Recently, a person contacted me and offered to do something a different way than God originally told us. It was one of those type of situations where what He first said seems impossible, so let’s do it another way that appears doable. I said no.

Why did I say no? It is because when my Lord says to do a certain thing in a certain way, He means it. I trust His judgment and wisdom, even if the path He picks does not seem possible. If my Father says to do something, no matter how unlikely it seems to my natural mind, it is by definition certain to work out just fine.

I want to do things God’s way and not my way or anyone else’s way. I don’t want to deviate from what He first says simply because it is inconvenient or controversial. It seems that many believe that they can modify God’s way to suit their present circumstances or desires. I don’t believe this. What our Lord first says is what He actually means and we are not at liberty to modify it.

The truth is that all of us often fail to do God’s will as He desires to do it. We refuse to act on time and decline to accept to do it with the person that He chooses. We find though, that if we desire to come back into alignment with His will for our lives, we end up exactly back at the same place, with Him requesting we do the same thing, with the same person He originally desired. God’s way does not change, we only delay it, or fail to accomplish it at all.

Here is a truth,

Let’s finish the race well

Many start the race of this life with great energy and commitment to do God’s will. However, we must also finish the race to be truly successful. What I am observing is that we often falter just before we cross the finish line and fail to accomplish what we’ve begun in Him. We lose sight of those lofty goals we set to “follow Him no matter what” and stop short of winning.

I don’t care if you crawl over the finish line, complete your race. If you have gotten off track, go back to where you deviated and get back into God’s way. Make the sacrifice and forsake your way. While God does have mercy and grace, when He calls you to do something in a certain way with specific people, that is what He means, and He does not change His mind to suit your fear of the circumstances.

God’s way is always the best way

In conclusion, God’s way is always the best way. Our Father has our best interests at heart, and if we trust Him, everything will work out just fine no matter what our circumstance seem like. Even if no one on earth agrees with you, listen to your Father and do things His way and you will see blessings flow like a river. Amen.