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Lawless one

The world is on a highway to Hell

God says,

And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:  Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,  And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.  And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:  That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

2 Thessalonians 2:8-12

To begin with, nailing down the particulars of the Antichrist in prophecy is, to my estimation, wasted effort and time. Guaranteed, whatever specifics we think we know will most likely end up being wrong. Instead, what I want to deal with are 6 factors that produce the “Lawless One” and one step you can take to avoid being caught up in His snare.

Evil is deceptive

First, know this: the Antichrist does not look evil. The Antichrist, at the beginning of his rise to power, does not even act evil. In fact, in troubled times, he will be seen as a man of peace. If there was ever anyone truly evil appearing to be an angel of light, the son of perdition fits the bill. If you think you’ll be able to know the Lawless One by his evil smile, you most certainly will not.

We are in the midst of Strong Delusion

Second, Strong Delusion prepares you to receive the Lawless One. Evil men and women are reshaping our societies before our very eyes. Many call light darkness and darkness light. People, living longer than 60 years, can hardly believe their eyes. The seismic changes in our cultural values and norms defy logic. Since the 60’s the western world has accelerated down a slippery slope towards a neo-sodomite society.

The near-total rejection of truth results in “Strong Delusion” and prepares the world to accept the Lawless One. A deceived world lauds the man of sin as a virtuous and humane savior. The world believes that their charismatic leader only wants the best for mankind. People of the world do not realize they have been carefully conditioned to follow after the Beast.

The natural man does not love the things of God

Third, this world allows everything to flourish except true Christianity. The Antichrist spirit hates all things holy. Laws are quietly passed and attitudes changed setting the stage for horrific persecutions of Spirit-led Christians.

Though there will be a general hatred of mainstream Christianity, most believers from these groups will follow after the Beast. This is because they have been trained to worship their minds and the Lawless One will be the epitome of the natural-minded man.  People worship the Antichrist because he “fits” their idea of who Christ is.  They have been worshiping false idols for so long that worshiping a false Christ makes total sense to them.

Most people have never been persecuted for their faith

Fourth, people are not used to standing for their faith.   We are like trees that have not known the wind and snap at the first breeze because we have never been tested. People who have never known persecution will find it very difficult to stand strong in God when the consequences of their faith hurts.

You may think that you will never violate what you believe but you miss the point entirely.  You will be called upon to stand for what God is truly doing and that, my friends, is vastly different from what you may believe. God will be doing marvelous things in His people but they may be contrary to what you have been taught your whole life.  The Lawless One cares nothing for dead and dry dogma.  The manifestation of Satan only cares that you do not, at all costs, hear or follow the Spirit of Christ today.

Don’t make your people dependent on you

I see this as the singular greatest sin of the church leadership in our age. Pastors and teachers make their people dependent upon their spirituality at the expense of developing their own. People in their congregations never develop a personal opinion on anything, because they are spoon-fed everything. Many Christians only know what they are taught, but believe very little from personal experience.

A third of the stars of heaven will fall needlessly to the Lawless One.  Multitudes will give up at the first sign of adversity.  More than a few will lose their eternal souls through deception, gladly taking the mark of the Beast.  Church leadership is so haughty that they will not hear the seers of this generation. God will do nothing save He reveal it to His prophets, but these blind leaders refuse everyone that God sends.

The Body of Christ must become one

Fifth, the body of Christ needs to know how to spiritually connect with one another in order to withstand the Lawless One. We are isolated by rules and regulations that keep us miles apart even though we sit beside each other in pews.

Christians do not understand how to connect in the Spirit.  Few are teaching the union of spirits through the bonds of Divine Love. In fact, people are taught that anything which approaches God’s supernatural love is, in fact, of the devil. Purity is not what you don’t do, purity is what you are in your heart. We are so focused on being pure on the outside that we never truly connect with each other on the inside.

Purity is of the heart

This man-made, “antiseptic” purity has left us weak and unable to function as the Body of Christ.  We languish in our self-pity while we go through the motions of life.  Our sins remain hidden because we would never dare confess them one to another. Brethren fall sick and some sleep because we are so weak in spirit there is no power to heal.

I am tired of being told that I have to fit into some mold in order to be acceptable.  I am tired of people shunning God in me because I do not fit into their approved dogmas and doctrines. This is madness, for the night comes when no man can work.

World Government is already here

Sixth,  the world government of the Lawless One is already here.  The Beast of Iron and Clay has formed and we are currently living in it.  The only thing that has not happened yet is that the man of sin has not been revealed. World domination of the Antichrist cannot be stopped now except God bring forth the man-child.

Those who spend their time worrying about Globalists or the Council on Foreign Relations, foolishly waste their time.  The seventh head of the Dragon is already here and nothing you or anyone else can do will stop it. Therefore, it is fruitless to even concern yourself with it. The whole point of this life is to accept Jesus as our personal Lord and be saved from hell.  Nothing else is as important.  Don’t allow the devil to distract you with tales of the Illuminati from the only thing you really need to be doing.

How to survive the Lawless One

Seventh,  the only way you and your family will survive the Lawless One is to learn to hear the voice of God for yourselves. If there ever was a time to learn to lose your life to save it: this is it. This is the time which the days of Noah typified.  We are currently well into the time of Strong Delusion. The world, by and large, has not received a love of the truth and they are deceived beyond the reach of reason.  Only by following the voice of God above all else will we have light in this darkness.

Perhaps some are saying, “not me, I believe in God and see things straight.”  I am telling you, by revelation, that no natural-minded man or woman can stand against the Lawless One. People are so disconnected from who God truly is they would likely take up rocks to stone Him if they met the son of God today.  Christians who think they love God would be severely tempted to yell “crucify him” given a chance to do so again.  In fact, many will be given the chance to do so because many believers will participate in killing other believers during the days of great tribulation.

We need Strong Revelation in the midst of Strong Delusion

In conclusion, jettison what you think you know and prostrate yourself before God. You are without oil even though you believe you’re rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing.  The Lawless One is the tail of the Dragon and we have very little understanding of what is about to happen. Even I, as an apostle, hardly see it. The deception is so complete that without God’s Strong Revelation no one can stand firm against the Lawless One’s Strong Delusion.

Awake you who slumber.  Shake yourself from your stupor and buy oil before it is too late! Leave your foolishness and be prepared, for the night comes when it will be impossible to buy what you need.  If you read this without feeling a sense of urgency perhaps you’re caught in the snare of the wicked one. If you think you are OK, you are well on your way to becoming a future disciple of the Lawless One.

Here is a truth,

“You will either spiritually connect with Jesus through the Body of Christ or you will spiritually connect with Satan through the body of the Antichrist.”

Those who have an ear, let them hear, what God is saying to this generation.

God Help Us…

Highway To Hell by AC/DC

These are the forerunners of the body of the Antichrist