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living waters

There is a River of Life Full Of Living Waters

To begin with, the Holy Spirit is a river of life, full of living waters. As we immerse ourselves in those living waters, we allow ourselves to be carried away with God. In the flow of His spirit, our journey is effortless and serene. The currents of God carry us where He wills. The only time we are troubled is when we try to stop, stand still, and do something other than the will of the river.

Likewise, my spiritual connection with Esther is just such a river. I feel one with her and God.  As we live in God’s will, we allow His living waters to carry us onward.  We never really know what is coming around the bend but we feel that, whatever new experience awaits us, we will be fine.

living waters

In hindsight, the progression of experiences God has given us makes more sense. All the pieces that seemed so “out there” were, in fact, part of a whole culminating in our divine union.  God carried us both towards something momentous yet, we had to say yes at every point along the way to reach His predestination.

Michael said,

“I think that all this healing and spiritual work in us is leading towards something.”


“I think your right.  Also when you mentioned about re-creation etc.  You cannot properly be in the garden, freely going about and eating that fruit, without full restoration.”


“yeah…that is what really struck me too.  This is a process of re-creation back into God’s image and likeness.”

Re-created into His image

We are all shatter by sin.  It seems that the emphasis in our connection right now is healing and a re-creation of our hearts and minds.  We are literally being put back together, piece by piece, and made whole again.  As we reintegrate, we begin to function as God intended.  Things just begin to happen that, a few months ago, seemed like special miracles that only biblical saints experienced.


“I had an odd thing happen to me yesterday. I will tell you about it when we talk.”


“don’t do that to me, give me hint at least what it was!!?”


“I shifted, it felt like I moved in the Spirit.”


“Soon the, ‘I had a odd thing happen to me,’ is gonna be, ‘I had a normal thing happen to me.”

“In what way – higher or deeper or translate kinda way?”


“In a translated kind of way. Scared me to death. So I pulled back.  It happened yesterday while I was driving home.”

Slipping in the Spirit

As I drove home that day, suddenly, without any warning, I felt like I left my body. The only way I can describe it is like slipping on a banana peel in the Spirit.  Like my spirit lost its footing and went at incredible speed 90 degrees from my body. Zero to thousands of miles per hour in a split second.  It was unnerving. Things just whooshing past me at light speed.

When I panicked I somehow regained my spiritual balance and immediate I was back in the car.  I don’t think it lasted more than a split second.  Shaken as Adrenalin shot through my body, I drove the rest of the way home.

Get used to the unexpected in God


“Your gonna have to get used to surreal stuff with God stepping out like we are.”


“I suppose so.  I just slipped out of myself. It was unnerving.”

Esther muses,

“See, that’s normal for God ya know.  Distance becomes irrelevant and it may seem like you are moving fast (which being on earth it is)…but in spirit, that’s just a state of being.”


“I think that there is a whole gambit of things out there that we have yet to experience in the Spirit.”

Esther continued musing,

“I always thought what I experienced and knew in the spirit was special, but didn’t even think, realize or know all this stuff was products of heaven.

The more we let go of our chains and go deeper into God, the more we are living and moving in the heavenlies. So you see and experience more of what it has…we have only been walking on surface or outer roads till now.  We have kinda did the “whole prepare ye a way for the Lord” thing and these are results we are seeing.”

God’s restoration

As Esther and I unite in the Holy Spirit, I believe we are regaining more of what was lost to mankind through sin.  Really, compared to the living waters God has for us, this natural realm is a desert. In the Spirit, there is a whole new world opening up to us again. We are being brought back to the Garden, into the kingdom of God. The fully manifested sons of God and what the actually means, is a lot more than we have imagined.

Esther and I seem to just finish one extraordinary experience when another one begins.  As we struggle to put into words one event something else occurs that is equally, if not more, indescribable.  These days we don’t even try to figure out what God is going to do next because it is always a complete surprise.


“Tell ya, this is some seriously trippy spiritual stuff.  The bottom line is that we have to trust each other and God in this process no matter what is presented or how.”


“I agree.  I am just going with the flow.”

Just the raw experience ma’am

Moreover, these living water experiences are beginning to us connect us with other people.  As we write the Connection Chronicles, the raw experience with God is what resonates.  Less is more when it comes to explaining of what God is doing.   Just putting out the plain Spirit as it happens seems to be best.  So much of the time we try to sieve, strain, or pasteurize what God does until the end result doesn’t taste real.  While the Body of Christ needs “whole” foods, what we often get is overly processed stuff that’s not good for us.

Esther and I are learning that the more we get out of the way the more God is free to be Himself through us.  God without interpretation is what unites us. Whereas, we have been afraid of intimacy and authenticity in the past, that is precisely where God wanted us to go.  Our union in the spirit is based upon trusting each other and becoming more comfortable with being who we really are in God. This seems to be where the true power of the Holy Spirit lays. Transparency is the focus of what YHWH is doing.  We are constantly amazed at how powerful being ourselves in God is.

Like waking up from the longest dream

Waking up to a new dawn is a good way to describe what is happening to us. Though we have both walked with God a some time, we are waking up to what the Holy Spirit has for us and it’s truly amazing! God’s Spirit makes everything so vibrant and alive.  As Esther says, “everything is so green!”  When I wrote about such things in the past, I thought that these things were for a future time. However, I think these types of experiences are happening to a lot of people and are for today. The glimpses that God shows us are so beyond what we have known many wonder if these living waters can be real and this refreshing. Honestly, this is more than good, more than great, this is God manifest in our flesh!

We Come Alive In The River by Jesus Culture