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Tubing on Gaspereau River NS July 07

Christians deal with the river of God in different ways. Some stand on the banks of the river and decline to enter in because they fear they cannot swim. Standing on the riverbank is comfortable and is what they consider to be “safe”.

Others walk along the banks only getting their feet wet in the shallows, but still fear to immerse themselves in the deeper waters of God which seem swift and uncertain. Here, again, there is not much risk in what they do because they can quickly remove themselves to the river’s bank if needs be.

Wade out into the deeper currents of God

Still there are others who, hearing the voice of God, wade out into the deeper currents of the Spirit. These people have desire and faith yet they still don’t want to let go and struggle to keep their footing against the unrelenting flow. This is perhaps the most dangerous place to be because they are neither fully in nor out of the river of God and may be pulled under and swept away unexpectedly. The reason they are feeling the pressure is because they are standing still against the “will” of the river. They struggle to keep their footing and believe that, if worst comes to worst, they can make it safely back to the river’s bank.

Then there are those who “Let go and let God.” These are the people who wade out into the deep mysteries of His Spirit and let the current of God take them along with it. Instead of standing still against the current they swim with it and rise above it. They cease to struggle and commit themselves fully to the will of the Holy Spirit. They are like a log that is no longer resisting the current but floating along with it. The pressure is gone and the journey is underway.

Let go and fully commit to God’s river

If you are on the bank there is little pressure. If you are fully committed to the river there is little pressure. However, if you are half in and half out of the river, trying to hold still while the Holy Spirit is moving in your life, then there is a lot of pressure and sometimes even danger.

I counsel you today to let go and fully commit yourself to God. Trust Him and know that if you commit everything to Him then, wherever you end up, you will be in His will and that is “Very good”.

River of Life by Mac Powell