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unclean spirits

What We All Need To Know About Unclean Spirits

I wish to talk to you today about unclean spirits or what are often times referred to as “demons.”  Demons are in fact fallen angels that rebelled along with Lucifer previous to this present creation.  Lucifer, who is now known as Satan, is chief among these fallen spirits. These spirits hate us with a hatred that is so complete and malevolent that we, as humans, cannot begin to fathom it.  As an example, Hitler was but a small foretaste of what the demonic realm wants to do to the whole world given the chance. They do not simply wish to kill us but they want to treat us in the most inhumane ways possible and then damn our souls, along with theirs, for all eternity.

Demons are very real

Demons are very real and influence each of us to various degrees every day.  Sometimes this influence is from without as they manifest through others around us.  Most of the time, though, the primary way these foul spirits interact with us is from within.  Though many people are not aware of this, many times demons have taken up residence within our bodies during our life time as we have yielded to sin.  Here is a truth,

“You get the spirit you yield yourself to”

Some erroneously believe that since they are filled with the Holy Spirit they cannot be indwelt by evil spirits.  However, being filled with the Holy Spirit is not an all or nothing proposition.  God can indwell you but you may not yield very much of yourself to Him.  For example, even though Israel “possessed” the land they still did not drive out all the evil nations as God commanded.  Likewise, God possesses as much of us as we allow Him to, but often times through pride or unwillingness we do not give Him everything.

Most, if not all, sickness is demonic in origin.  This is why when the demons leave so do the sicknesses.  Demons are attracted to weaknesses in our bodies and exploit these areas to bring about disease.  For instance, smoking weakens our bodies making way for opportunistic diseases such as cancer.  Cancers are just severe forms of this type of demonic possession that reveal themselves through sickness. Cancer even looks demonic. The life force that drives malignant diseases are foul and unclean spirits and often times, unless they are dealt with, natural medicine cannot overcome them.

Just because you get sick, it does not mean you are evil

Here I should point out that both good and bad people get sick and just because you become ill it does not mean you are somehow evil.  After all even small children fall prey to terrible illnesses.  Demons are malignant entities which kill without regard to good or bad people; they just want everyone to suffer.  My purpose is to expose what is truly going on so that we may fight these enemies of our souls. While natural medicine is effective in treating illness there is a spiritual dimension to disease which needs to be addressed. The medical system addresses symptoms while never truly dealing with the demonic roots.

Metal illness is demonic in origin, though they take advantage of physical weaknesses

Most, if not all, mental illness is also demonic in origin.  People can be overcome by demonic possession to the point that their “true self” is actually submerged while the demon (s) take over.  Chemical imbalances and genetic defects often times give opportunity for unclean spirits to vex those so afflicted.  Psychiatry deals mostly with fixing chemical imbalances or teaching people to resist these influences.  While sometimes these techniques are effective, dealing with the root causes of these problems through demonic deliverance is better.

We deal with the demonic realm every day

We deal with the demonic realm every day. It is just that it is hidden in plain sight. One of the other major ways demons interact with us is through the media.  The emphasis on inappropriate sex and violence in every facet of mass media is driven by the demonic realm. Essentially what we see in movies, television, and hear in music is what the demons would like have take place in the real world, given the power to do so.  In fact, the demonic desires to make our world reflect what they’ve been pushing through media outlets for decades.

It is good to know what we are up against

We need to realize that demons are real and actively working against us in the world we live in.  After we become aware of their activities we must then learn how to deal with them.  When it comes to demons and their designs we have been given a weapon that is truly effective against them; the right to use the name of Jesus.  When we stand against these unclean spirits in the name of Jesus they have to obey that name and leave. When believers use His name it is as if Jesus Himself was speaking to them.  God makes the demon leave when Jesus commands demons to do so.  When we are “in Him,” meaning standing in the place of Jesus, God forces demons to obey us too.

The only power we have is Christ in us

To the degree we walk with God, we have what we ask for in His Son’s name.  The Spirit of God in you is what gives you power of demons. Otherwise, unclean spirits will not take you seriously. This is why prayer and fasting is useful when confronting evil spirits.

Also, demons come in various types and strengths and some are more difficult to deal with than others. If a demon is tough to deal with, seek out a brother or sister with the ministry of demonic deliverance.

Do not assume that because you are a minister that you are somehow above demonic influence or even possession.  Many times, because you lead God’s people, you are a prime target of Satan’s evil emissaries.  Some of the most demonically influenced and even possessed people I have ever met have been “Christian leaders.”

Just because you are oppressed and influenced by demons does not make you evil

One more word of comfort: being influenced or even possessed by demonic spirits does not make you evil.  You are afflicted and it is not totally your fault.  People dealing with those so afflicted should always bear this in mind when ministering.  A child may be unwise for venturing close to a dangerous dog, but don’t blame them while it is attacking. Simply beat back the dog, remove them from danger, and caution them.

I pray that God will open our eyes so that we may become aware of what is happening around us.  Drive out every unclean spirit from among us. Realize that those who manifest such evil spirits to us are under attack, we need to help them.

El Shaddai by Amy Grant