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Many people in God are pursuing a love relationship with Him through music and worship. They talk about a mystical union of the Bridegroom and Bride. The Song of Solomon is their focus, as men and women seek to realize this example in a spiritual way. They call this “a vertical relationship.”

On the other hand, normal relationships that happen in every day life are called, “horizontal relationships.” These relationships are fraught with all kinds of cultural rules, regulations, boundaries and expectations. Moreover, in Christian churches, horizontal relationships are subject to very strict expectations that are meant to keep people in line.

Thus, when Christians worship, they reach for the rafters, imagining their God is in Heaven, which is a place beyond physical existence, and they focus their attention there. They imagine that they are having a vertical relationship with God; a spiritual union.

There is a better way…

It is the height of hypocrisy to spiritualize your relationship with God while He is, in fact, sitting or standing right next to you in church. You are reaching for a ethereal realm while the Jesus you seek is already two feet from where you are. In your effort to be a disembodied spirit in a realm you cannot see or touch, you ignore His Spirit dwelling in the vessel of flesh and bone that you can taste, touch, hear, see, and smell.

Wake up and realize that the God you are reaching for is near, even at your door, dwelling in the brother or sister next to you. Moreover, that love relationship you are so desperately seeking is already embodied in the male or female form of the person God desires to flow through. It is not necessary to imagine being the Bride when you can allow God to hold your female body through the brother of His choice. You do not have to imagine how God feels towards His Bride when you can hold the Bride and kiss her in the form of your sister in the Lord.

Recognize God with us

We have been blinded by fear and legalism. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and what better way to worship God than to allow the proper use of His house for spiritual union. The Song of Solomon is an epic love story that ends in physical, not just mystical, union. The parts of the shunammites body that Solomon describes are used because that is why God designed them. The Bride of Christ becomes the Wife of God, through the union of God and Man – a physical union of two bodies and God’s Spirit. This was God original intent, and it is what defines His union with the Bride of Christ in the Latter Days.

God is about to show the world the Last Eve. She will be united with Christ in body, soul, and spirit. The members of His body, fitly joined together, will demonstrate His love in a union of vertical and horizontal love.

I pray God give you a personal revelation of this truth.

Vertical Expression of Horizontal Desire by the Bellamy Brothers