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The Dance Of  Holy Intimacy

As I have been thinking today and discussing things with Esther, what I feel to do in the Spirit is talk directly to spiritual unions. I have spoken to normative Christians in The Final Feast website and if they want to know the truth there is plenty of it there for them to learn. If they hunger for God, then their appetite will find ample nurishment on this site.

However, here in the Holy of Holies, I want to talk about intimacy with God and each other.  This is the essence of the coming move of the Spirit that is about the sweep the world.  Loving God in and through one another is the “sign” of Tabernacles. Coming together in love is what God wants to do in these last days as He brings forth the final harvest.  Moreover, everything that we thought was so “figured out” is going to be challenged as God takes control of our lives through His Holy Spirit.


Its all about the revelation of God


To begin with, we are starting to live by revelation rather than reason.  God is speaking to us and we are hearing His voice.  As we obey what He says to us individually we walk in the Spirit and find that we do not wish to fulfill the lusts of our lower nature.  We do not judge by what we know for we judge all things by whom we know.  Doctrine becomes irrelevant because we naturally do the things contained within the law through yielding the Holy Spirit who wrote it.

This naturally challenges peoples sacred cows. What God is interested in doing is “His” will and He is not concerned with our ethnocentric foibles. Therefore, whatever God wants to do, however He wants to do it, is what should be done.


God loves us through each other


Most people that come to God do so because they have messed up. People do drugs, sleep with the wrong people, or just indulged in sin until they hit rock bottom.  As people learn that the world does not satisfy, they turn to Jesus, confess their sins, and give their lives to Christ. However, salvation is just a start.

Unfortunately, many new Christians get snared by churches that teach them what they believe. Consequently, they never actually get to know God personally.  New converts mold to their new church family and become carbon copies of that particular belief system. They not only imbibe the good of their church but also take on their preconceptions and prejudices. Sometimes Christian’s snarl and attack if other’s challenge anything they have been taught.  If what you say differs from their belief system, they react as though you are attacking their family


The Holy of Holies is about as close as you can get


What I want to speak about here in the Holy of Holies is what it means to have a spiritual connection with God and each other.  I desire to lay bare what truly loving another in the Holy Spirit is like and how to handle it when God connects you so deeply that you both breath as one.  How do you handle the fact that, if you are in close proximity your connection, that you lose all semblance of personal space? What is true purity and what does it look like? Does God promotes physical intimacy as something to be embraced and not avoided.

Many have sinned in the area of sex.  Many men and women have used their bodies in inappropriate ways and feel deeply ashamed about doing so.  Aside from the physical ramifications of such action, deep emotional scars form over wounds to their spirits and souls.  Some people even want to close themselves off to any form of loving affection for fear of falling once again into temptation.


Closing yourself off to others closes you off to God


The problem with closing yourself off to physical intimacy is that you close yourself off to God too.  God dwells in us and if we refuse to be close to other believers we cannot be close to God.

Spiritual Christians live by revelation, just like they will do in the New Heavens and New Earth.  In that place people live and breathe the Holy Spirit. For new world saints, everything is permissible because nothing is done outside the God’s will. The Holy Ghost leads us in the area of love and affection too.  In the world to come even sex is a byproduct of spiritual love. Therefore, because we have an earnest of our inheritance we begin to live as if we are in God’s new creation.


When in the New Creation do as the saints do


This means the customs and mores of our present world begin to be over ridden by the next.  Actions that may seem inappropriate when you are not in the Spirit can and sometimes do become appropriate when you are led by the Spirit.  This tends to mess with people’s preconceived ideas of what God will and will not do.  Sometimes, when peoples deeply held misconceptions are challenged, they react quite unpleasantly.  God does not really care about what other people think, though, because despite what many denominational Christians act like, God is totally sovereign.

In this place I am going to write from the standpoint of revelation and not from the stand point of doctrine. God’s Spirit speaks and those who wish to know Him, therefore, you must learn to accept Him as He reveals Himself.


It’s just beginning


In conclusion, I just want to share these thoughts with everyone as a starter post.  The Holy of Holies is life and Jesus is about to give us a lot more life than we than we ever thought possible!

Big hugs,