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holy of holies


In this essay, I write about a topic that is considered taboo in Christianity.  If frank discussions of intimacy bother you, please do not continue reading.

Dear Seraphim,

It has been an interesting journey into intimacy with Jesus through his body of believers. While I believe that there is a great need for intimacy within the Body of Christ, I think there are many questions about what is and is not appropriate. Like any new country, or rediscovered country, everything is new and we are thrilled to know what is around the next bend. I am, for one, open-minded to find out what God has for us and eager to do it together!

In my estimation, God made sex for Himself. Being a Spirit, He fills heaven and earth, but bringing forth after His kind is difficult. Moreover, being a jealous God, there can be none beside Him. Therefore, how does God have children? The answer is: Through our unions with each other.

YHWH in our midst

When we mate, God is in our midst. In fact, however we mate, God has to be there if procreation is going to take place. Though we can naturally create a body and perhaps even a soul, only God can create an eternal spirit. Therefore, it is important to God whom we mate with. Though many believe it is their right to have sex with whomever they choose, I believe it is only right to have sex with whomever God chooses for you. In other words, if you do not have a mate that is chosen by God, you do err.

I am just expressing what I believe in order to lay some groundwork to explain my perspective on intimacy within the body of Christ. You, of course, are free to believe and practice as you feel led, but as for the way I see things, it is important to have a firm foundation upon which to stand.

Sex is a sacred expression of God’s Divine Love

If we take intimacy to be a sacred form of expression, in all its many forms, then our actions with each other become sacred too. By sacred, I don’t mean puritanical, but rather I mean filled with God and led by His Spirit. When we understand that our words, touch, and actions are meant to be led by His Spirit, we cannot do things that would displease our Father.

So, with this in mind, how then do we view and practice Christian sexuality? What is Holy Consummation and how do we practice Spirit-led intimacy? To begin with, as led by His Spirit, nudity is acceptable and even preferable as we become naked and unashamed before God and each other. A Holy Kiss becomes appropriate if led by God’s love. In fact, most expressions of intimacy can be appropriate between believers if led by His Holy Spirit.

A revelation of God’s love

When it comes to intercourse, there again, the law of love prevails. Loving a woman unselfishly and having sex with her is not about our gratification. Entering her holy of holies is a sacred event where she gives herself willingly and joyfully to both you and God at the same time. Like a high priest, you enter with reverence and respect, knowing the place where you are at is the very throne of God on earth.

Therefore, mating with a woman is an act of God or, at least should be. You, if led by His Holy Spirit, are privileged to possess her body and fill her with your seed. When you do this, this is a holy vow, much more than any that you make on any church altar. You are committing to this sister to be her mate. You join with her body, soul, and spirit, becoming one in God and possibly having a child together. Anything less than total commitment for life is selfish love and is not worthy of the act that you perform.

Therefore, do not act unseemly towards your sister

This is what I believe God has shown me and you are free to differ in your views. However, women need our protection, and when we use them without committing to them with our whole hearts, we harm them. Being as the law of love does no harm and is not selfish we cannot, in good conscience, act unseemly towards women, even if they want us to.

Most women, when they feel loved and valued, want to have sex and a lot of it. Therefore, the best way to have relations with a woman is by allowing God to love her through you. When God loves through you, your touch becomes His touch. This unlocks her vast potential of erotic pleasures and you end up having the most mind-blowing sex possible. I call it Edenic sex.

Be careful not to break God’s pictures

God loves His pictures and is very jealous of them. This is why YHWH punished Moses for striking the rock twice in anger. Striking the rock was only supposed to be once to show how Christ would be struck once for our transgressions. Therefore, using our private parts for anything else than what God wants breaks His “types” too. Your cock is supposed to be holy and given over to God as much or more than any other part of your life. Only use it in His service and as He directs.

Therefore, in view of all these things, we have to ask ourselves, is the picture we are portraying while having sex a godly one? A lot of things are pleasurable, but are they all expedient before our Lord? Or do we just want to engage in them because it feels good to our flesh?

Ask God why He made sex and what it means to you

In conclusion, since God is involved in our sexuality, I think it is appropriate for us to ask Him what He wants and why. The truth is, Holy Intimacy far outstrips anything that the world has to offer. If we will only be bold and allow God to love through us how He desires, we will find fulfillment such as we never dreamed possible.



The Seraphs of God are beautiful creatures born of love. They embody the essence of holy passion for their Lord. I believe the draw of Julia is that she portrays a greater truth of who the seven Spirits of God really are

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