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Military people talk about the “fog of war.”  Google defines the fog of war as,

“confusion caused by the chaos of war or battle.”

While this is certainly true of natural war, I believe it is doubly true of spiritual warfare. Most people, even Christians, live their daily lives with little to no understanding of the titanic struggle taking place around them. We act as though all the things that happen around us, however the strange or bizarre, are just random chance.  Nothing, my friends, could be further from the truth.

The Sons of the Morning

Angels are created beings.  No one knows when God created them, but we do know that they “the sons of the morning” were created before God spoke this world into existence.  Originally, angels were all servants of the most High and did His bidding without question or hesitation. However, Lucifer, an archangel, rebelled along with approximately 1/3 of the angels.  There was and is war in heaven. God cast those who followed after Lucifer’s rebellion from heaven down to Earth.

There are basically five forces at work in our daily lives.  God and His angles, Satan and his demons, and random chance.  Most of what takes place in our lives is not random chance (as most believe) but a combination of those first four entities.  God, for reasons I do not fully understand, chooses to work through angels. Whenever angels are present they are extensions of God’s will in our lives.  Conversely, when demons are present the are extensions of Satan’s will and do his bidding.

The battle of the ages

In the coming days it is going to be very important that we become more aware of how angels and demons affect our lives.  We need to understand how angels and demons battle for access to our souls, influencing our decisions and actions. Angels work to save our souls while demons work to damn our souls.  Failure to realize this puts us at a great disadvantage and in grave danger.

So where are these angels and demons?

So where are these spirits? How do I know they are there if I cannot see, hear, smell, or feel them? Just like gravity or the wind, you know these spirits by their effects. Angels and demons interact with us all day, every day. They are the power behind both good and evil in our lives. Most of the time, they act out their missions through the people around us. When someone act inordinately good to us for no apparent reason, they are most likely yielding to an angel. On the other hand, when someone is inordinately cruel towards us, again for no apparent reason, you have just met a demon.

Likewise, when we act with love and compassion above and beyond what we normally posses, we are most likely yielding to angels.  When we are overly cruel or angry we are allowing demons to manifest through us.  Here is a truth,

“you get the spirit you yield to.”

Open our eyes that we may see

If you want to see what I mean, simply watch popular movies. Movies are mirrors of the spiritual world. Mostly, feature films depict demons, but sometimes angelic forces shine through. So called slasher movies are simply demons behaving badly. When you think about it, real people sat down and thought about the most evil and heinous actions imaginable; then they made a movie.  Where do you think these imaginations come from; demons.   Any human being in their right mind would never, ever want to harm another in these horrible ways. Hollywood, in its most basic form, is simply propaganda for the Devil.  Movies are just a sneak peak at what demons want to do, if they are allowed, to mankind.

Angels unawares

Conversely, where do you find Angels? Wherever men and women are doing good. When a  man or woman rushes to help someone who is fallen, Angels are there. People who do heroic deeds are often motivated and empowered by Angels.  Acts of compassion towards people you don’t know are literally angelic acts.  The preaching of the gospel always has Angels in attendance.

The value in being aware of the influence of angel and demons is our lives is so that we can know what is going on. As we understand how these spirits work we can then consciously decide to yield to angelic spirits or resist demons. When people are cruel and mean to us, we can recognize it is the demons in them that hate us and not them. When we feel to do good we can know that angels are there wanting to do good through us and yield to their will.

Angels are always around the things of God

What many term in christian circles as “the anointing” is really the Holy Spirit along with angels working their will through us. You see this happen in church when true ministers of God speak from the pulpit. All signs and wonders are manifestations of angels carrying out the will of the Holy Spirit through us.

Obviously, we want more angels and less demons in our lives. How do we do this? One of the best ways to allow angels to manifest through you is to pray.  Prayer sets us right before God and angels congregate. Angels are holy beings and like to be around purity and love. As we come into right relationship with Jesus, angels surely follow. Ministering spirits flock around the fruits of the Spirit: love, peace, joy, and happiness. If we will allow them to, they will flow through us and help us become Christ like.

The effects of demons are all around us

Demons, of course, are just the opposite. They love evil for they are evil. They love sin and swarm around evil, because that is their nature.  Anywhere their is filth, either natural or spiritual, you find demons. All mental illness, no matter what the physical trigger, is demonic in origin.  Sickness, especially all forms of cancer, are manifestations of demonic spirits. This is why you can cast out sickness just like you can cast out demons: they are one in the same.

Life is not as random as you may think

What we call “random chance” is usually not random at all. God (good) things in our lives are usually the result of angels at work. Bad (evil) things in our lives are usually the result of demons being demons. There is war in heaven and we are its battlefield. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal and we fight the good fight with love, hope, and peace.  We prevail with compassion and forgiveness. We triumph as God’s nature flows through us. Against such things demons are defenseless.

Yield to God, resist the Devil

Today, consciously decide to yield to whatsoever is good, whosoever is lovely and of a good report. Decide to say yes to angelic spirits whose only desire is to yield to the Spirit and will of our Father. Speak kind and gentle words to your spouse and children and love them as God loves us; unconditionally. Love our brethren with a holy and pure love and angels will assist you to do so. Yield to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to manifest His will on this earth and you will entertain angels unawares. Amen.