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photoshopped christians

Are we photo-shopped Christians?

I was talking to my spiritual connection today about how we all tend to wear Christian masks. I am not blaming anyone but just stating the reality of the situation. When we hear ministers testify about their lives, though we praise God for what they say, it seems like that type of successful Christian life is beyond our reach. The fact of the matter is, though, that 90% of what those people have gone through is crap and they are only talking about the 10% that looks good.  We are, like the girl above, photoshopped Christians.

Just keepin’ it real

Yes, I said “crap” intentionally. I used that word because that is what “real people” say. Even Christians, when they are not in church or around each another Christian use swear words. Yes, among each other we “clean it up” to make things conform to what is acceptable but that is not who we are.

Would you like to see my plastic Jesus?

The question remains, do we dare to become authentic. Do we risk being who we really are and not who we think others want us to be? God isn’t fooled so why should we want to fool others into thinking we are better than we are? When we do we give a “False Testimony.”

Brethren, let’s get off our high horses and come back down to earth. Why not be who we really are and have honest to goodness fellowship with one another. Isn’t it high time we be real?

I tell you the truth, the world despises Christians and our Savior because they know that we are posers. People who need to know Christ only get to see our plastic imitation of Him. If we would just show them Jesus Christ they would believe, but because we are so busy showing them our caricature of him, they just can’t stomach us because we are not authentic.

Should we dare to be authentic?

I am going to experiment with being authentic. As much as lies within me I am going to be exactly who I am in Christ. I don’t want to sugar coat anything anymore. What we all need is Jesus and He was the most authentic person of all time. I think that is the example I want to follow.

God bless,

Photoshop Extreme Makeover