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What God’s Spirit Is Speaking To You, Today

In Elysia, there are not a lot of rules. It is more correct that there are guidelines that are enforced, if need be, by those who have been given oversight. Our goal is to help people learn to listen to the voice of God for themselves. If that happens, then the Holy Spirit becomes the rule maker in them, and we don’t have to do anything.

Therefore, the most important precept that we desire people to know is this:

Listen, Hear, and Obey on Time

This means that individuals learn to hear God’s voice for themselves, to be led of His Spirit personally. If that happens, we trust that God will lead and guide each one of us and, as a group, we will flow together as one, because He is one.

Learning to hear His voice takes experience

This is more of a goal or an ideal that we desire to achieve, than something we expect to happen when we start out. Learning to listen to His Spirit, after a lifetime of listening to our natural minds, takes some getting used to. Thus, perfect is not expected, only a willingness to try.

Thus, mistakes are inevitable and, hopefully, not that grave. Being as Elysia is a laboratory of the Holy Spirit, we are open to experimentation. To try and fail only means that we personally know one more way not to do things. When we try and succeed, we all see a way forward.

Make room in your life to hear His voice

In order for each of us to be led by His Spirit, we must make room for this to happen. Our schedules or daily assignments will always have the caveat “unless the Lord says otherwise.” Therefore, we will have things we do in absence of the direct leading of the Holy Spirit, but always subject to change if He does.

We desire to encourage everyone to be flexible so that God can orchestrate our community. This is a sacred responsibility and should never be taken lightly or, God forbid, be an excuse to shirk our assignments. We all know that if we don’t keep up our areas, then others have to step in and do them for us. Deviating from our chores, for example, would be with the trust that God has arranged things so that we can do His will plus make a way to get things done.

To water or not to water?

An example of this would be if your responsibility was to water the garden each day. You are about to turn on the hose, when God says, “I want you to call a certain friend.” You say to God, “But the plants need watering, Lord.” To which God replies, “Trust me, everything will be okay.”

In the natural, if the plants do not get water, especially on a hot day, it can harm them. On the other hand, you feel that God is asking you to do something else. It is very important, either way, how you choose, so you err on the side of God and do His will. It turns out that the friend you speak to really needed to hear what God led you to say. When you return to the garden, you find that it rained and all the plants received water anyway.

God backs up true faith

This type of faith is the type of obedience God backs up. We find that when we obey Him, rather than what our natural minds say, He picks up the slack and things get done anyway. It is a sacred responsibility to hear God so clearly that He takes care of watering your garden for you.

In conclusion, not everyone will hear God so clearly when they are first learning to do so. The important thing is to provide the atmosphere where believers can experiment with listening, hearing, and obeying on time. We are trying to develop lifetime spiritual habits, and those need repeated experience to take hold.

Open hearts make for open minds

When we come before God with open hearts and open minds, He can do a lot to bring us near Him. A humble and contrite spirit is fertile ground for the seeds of the Holy Spirit to grow. Elysia is a place that promotes people to learn to listen for God’s voice and practice doing His will. It is a safe place to love and learn to be a true child of God.

Children of God by Third Day