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elysia project

Every Great Journey Begins With A Single Step

What can you do today, that will change your future in a positive way? Many people don’t realize that when you say yes to God, the next 24 hours can change your life forever.

Often we walk an endless treadmill of what has to be done next, but our overall path is aimless. However, God sees our future from eternity, and desires we follow a master path He’s designed.

The Elysia Project

In the Elysia Project, for some, is both a destination and their future. Here, we are all about harnessing the potential of the Body of Christ. Church, by and large, has been about a select few who shepherd a large group of people. However, the Elysia Project promotes the Body of Christ to do the work of the ministry. Whereas God used to work through a few, nowadays He builds His kingdom through the many. All those who come to the Elysia Project have a very personal stake in it.

The focus of Elysia is to be a laboratory of the Holy Spirit to learn God’s voice. It is a place where we explore the faith and learn how to do God’s will. The focus is upon individuals hearing God speak to themselves. Therefore, Elysia is not a top-down structure, but a direct connection with God. While I may speak a vision, it is the Body of Christ who accomplishes it.

An eye-opening experience with God

For most, coming to visit Elysia is an eye opening experience. This is not a doctrine, but a revelation of who God is in your life. Individuals learn to hear God’s voice for themselves, and in so doing, flow together with others who do the same. Our unity stems from a “Shared Experience” with one God, rather than ridged rules that man decrees

Therefore, while God has given me a vision for Elysia, others will come to contribute their part, too. As they are led by the Holy Spirit, they share what God puts upon their hearts. In this way, we all are open to receive the “Whole Counsel of God”.

When someone speaks what the Holy Spirit is speaking to them, others judge by His Spirit. If what they say is from God, then it will be incorporated into what the group is doing.

It is a gift; leave it at the altar

When people share a word from the Spirit, they should consider it as a gift they bring to God. As a gift is something that, once given, they release control of. If they share something they feel, then once they share it, it is not longer theirs. Thus, they have no personal interest in how it is used or even whether it is used. This helps those who speak realize that even if those around them do not feel it is a “now” idea or precept, then they won’t be dismayed, because they have released their personal interest in the matter.

The Spirit of God is gentle, kind, loving, and makes room for others. It is our desire that everyone be heard, but that no one demand. We should never agree simply because someone feels strongly about something. The group either slows down or speeds up acceptance of a word, depending on our spiritual sense.

It is about where we function best

Basically, we all seek to contribute our part of God we have for the good of His will overall. Some revelate, some teach, others listen to their words. Some feel the anointing to cook food or build buildings. Still others feel led to help take care of children or organize schedules. Others sense they are greeters and evangelists. We do not covet positions, we allow God to place us where we function best. This is both our service and our satisfaction.

Become part of the great adventure of the Elysia Project

In conclusion, for those called to the Elysia Project, this is their great adventure. Come to this love feast, be drawn by the Holy Spirit in such a powerful way, you must show up. In Elysia, it is the Body of Christ, of which you are a part, who does the work of the ministry. This is a future worth sacrificing for. This path leads exactly to where you wish to be: blessed and loved beyond what you have ever imagined.

Big hugs and lots of love,


Psalm 95 by John Michael Talbot