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Lyrics and Music by Michael James King

© 2005


Jubilee, Jubilee, God’s here to set His people free
Jubilee, it’s for you and me, now is the year of liberty

Verse 1

For His church if they believe then they’ll receive all the things they’ve asked for
In His name we will proclaim to all the earth the year of the Lord


Jubilee, Jubilee, God’s here to set the captive free
Jubilee, it’s for you and me, now is the year of liberty

Verse 2

To the ones He calls His sons and who will hear what the Spirits saying
Now, this is hour, feel the power, the Spirit of the Lord


Jubilee, Jubilee, dance with me,
Worship Jesus and be free

Bridge 1

So let’s, praise the Lord, praise the Lord, worship Jesus!

Monologue: talk about David dancing before the Ark.


Jubilee, jubilee, deaf hear, lame walk, blind men see
Jubilee, it’s for you and me come to Jesus and be free!

Verse 3

And He’s the same yesterday, and today, and forevermore
He will be Jesus our Lord, King of all Kings, our victory


Jubilee, Jubilee, Worship God in liberty
Jubilee, dance with me, worship Jesus and be free


This is primarially a dance song, meant to be played fast while demonstrating the liberty of the Body of Christ. David dancing before the Ark of the Covenant is a foretaste of the glorious liberity of the sons of God. I think that using a brass section would be appropriate too.

Music is God’s domain and we should freely use everything at our dispoasl to parise and worship God. Pluse, dancing also liberates our spirits to come forward and express themselves. Movement within a church is ofter directly proportional to the amount of liberty the people possess.

I believe that every new move of God’s Spirit inspires profound music. The Tabernacles experience will be no different. Actually, a lot of the music I reference on this site is a sneak preview of the type of heavenly songs that will grace this move of the Holy Spirit.

I respect musicians a lot really, because I know the sacrifices that have to make to be transparent enough to allow our Lord to manifest His nature through them. Anytime you see someone really anointed singing songs of love about God, understand that they are a broken person.

God bless,