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maze runner

Do You Know Which Way To Go?

There are two ways to run a maze:

A – trial and error

B – know the way through it.

One is frustrating and time-consuming, having no guarantee of success. The other way, when someone guides you, is a virtual certainty.

We are all maze runners to some extent.  Waking up every day, we take pre-defined paths, hoping to find a way forward.  Sometimes we make an odd turn and follow a new path, be it a new love, career move, or investment.  However, often we find it is another dead-end and become deeply depressed.

Maze runners who lost their way

There are stories of maze runners who look like they have found the way but do not.  Celebrity Chef,  Anthony Bourdain,  is the most recent one in memory.  A lovely wife, money, children, and even fame were not enough in the end.  This maze runner, whom most would say beat the odds, lost all.

This life we all live is a complex maze.  Born into it without choice, forced to run it all our lives.  Some run harder than others and make it further, but few find the way out.  Most die somewhere along the way, as lost as when they started.

Maze runner, let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you

I submit to you that the only real way out of this maze we call  “life”  is to hear the voice of God for yourself.  God, who sees with crystal clarity, knows the end of the maze from the beginning.  YHWH doesn’t guess, He knows.  Therefore, if you trust His still small voice, God will lead you through the maze and you will win.

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