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divine mate


Spiritual mates, as led by God’s Spirit, have always been the will of our Father.  From Eden to present day, to the New Heavens and New Earth, God joins men and women together.  Unfortunately, as with many other things that YHWH originally made, man altered and systematized it.  With regards to marriage, we call this “holy matrimony”.

In the beginning though, when everything was perfect, it was not so.  God never created marriage as we know it today, nor does He re-create it in the world to come.  Therefore, while the idea of marriage is rooted in something our Lord designed, as practiced it is not what He intended.

Eternity only recognizes Divine Mates

For those who are Spirit led, there is no marriage, only Divine Mates.  God unites a man and woman together for the purpose of inhabiting them and bringing forth His children.  Everything else, that natural minded people say is so important to a marriage, is largely irrelevant.  Without the core requirement of being joined together through a specific leading of the Holy Spirit, everything else doesn’t really matter.

Therefore, it is the heart of the union that is important to God and not its conformity to any one church’s idea of marriage.  The customs and configuration of an earthly marriage is largely beside the point as long as God joins you in the first place.  Conversely, if God does not join you together, all you have is an earthly contract that is void in the world to come.

Do not idolize the idea of a marriage covenant

Many theologians make the idea of  “covenant” into an idol before God.  To hear them speak, when you make a vow before our Lord, even if it is a foolish one, it is written in stone.  Breaking such a vow, in their view, is an mortal sin.  Many of the rituals performed during a wedding are meant to reinforce this idea.

However, you are not Abraham and you are not cutting the covenant for the future of Israel.  Moreover, Abraham, the father of our faith, was Spirit led.  I do believe it is a very serious thing to go against the leading of God’s Spirit; however, it is a far less serious matter to break an earthly contract that YHWH never authored in the first place.

Earthly marriages carry no weight in the world to come

Moreover, whether you have a marriage contract isn’t mandatory in the eyes of God.  As long as God joins you together as a Divine Mate, whether you have a piece of paper or not, God blesses your union.  Many people who live together are approved by God, whereas many who have a marriage certificate are not.  Who then does the will of the Father?

Likewise, the number of Divine Mates you have is not important either.   What is important is that you treat each one as Christ loves the church.  Where Solomon got into trouble is he married as a result of political alliances with the idolatrous nations around Him.  As part of the treaties, foreign kings often offered a daughter to seal the deal.  Unfortunately, the son of David didn’t make conversion to Judaism part of the agreement and allowed these foreign wives to keep their heathen ways.  Thus, when Solomon grew old, his foreign wives turned his heart from God.  It was not the number of wives Solomon had, but tolerating and aiding their idolatry that was sin.

Being a Divine Mate is important, the number isn’t

Usually, Divine Mates pair together as man and wife.  However, and this is perfectly acceptable with God, a man can have more than one Divine Mate at a time.  If their culture accepts plural marriage, as long as your wives are Spirit led, YHWH is pleased.  However, if you accumulate women without the leading of God’s spirit, you may sin just as Solomon did.

The various configurations of marriage in different cultures are not that important either.  Moreover, there are practical benefits to being married.  In many places, people must marry to fit in with society.  There are also tax considerations, inheritance issues, and other pragmatic benefits to “tying the knot”.  God is not against earthly marriage so as long as it does not prevent you from being with your heavenly mate.

When you marry, let it be God’s choice

In conclusion,  being a Divine Mate is the point of what God is doing because the Bride of Christ is God’s Divine Mate.  If  you marry a Divine Mate, then whatever else you do doesn’t make that much difference.  However, defying God and marrying someone who is not His choice concerns YHWH greatly.