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The Montana Miracle

Recently, I’ve considered speaking about “the sign” God performed in Montana about three years ago. At first, I felt that it was unnecessary to share these things simply because the whole situation was very new and raw. What God did was very difficult for many and I believed it proper to give it distance in order to allow things to settle. However, since a few years have passed, and people continue to say, “prove it in scripture,” it may be time to speak about such things, not only for those that lived through it, but for the wider church in general.

The reason that the wider Christian world needs to know about the Montana Miracle is that Tabernacles, both it’s blessings and consequences, is coming to a church near you. What happened in the Montana Miracle is a foretaste of a massive move of the Holy Spirit that will both liberate His people and separate them from their current doctrinal bondage.

I understand legalism for I was once a legalist.

Frankly, I was a dyed-in-the-wool legalist myself in my younger years. I am not proud of it either, for in retrospect I was intolerable to those around me and miserable inside myself, completely clueless as to why what I believed didn’t help others or make me feel any better. Through “study” of the word, I became trapped in a endless cycle of trying to walk straight and failing over and over. With every re-dedication came a brief sense of relief, but then there would be an inevitable crushing defeat when I could not walk perfectly. I became filled with condemnation because, while I wanted to do what was right, I could not overcome my flesh that couldn’t do it. Therefore, it’s not like I don’t understand those who struggle with the consequence of legalism, I really do. It is only that, by the immeasurable grace of God, He continues to bring me out of that prison of my mind through listening, hearing, and obeying His voice personally.

Many caught in the grip of legalism, which is law without heart, honestly desire to please God, it is just that they are confused about how to go about it. They believe that adhering to the literal scripture, Sola Scriptura, is the best way to please Him. Therefore, whatever doctrine they believe, they absolutely think that is the path to righteousness. It makes no difference that they cannot live up to their own belief system (for they have tried and true ways around that), it only matters that outwardly, mostly to others, they appear to follow it.

The essence of the Montana Miracle

God specifically asked a wife of a minister to divorce and leave her marriage.

Many who challenge what God did in the Montana Miracle say her actions violate scripture. They thrust forth the Bible and demand that she “prove it” through plain scripture. However, their demand is rigged, because what they are really saying is, “within my doctrinal framework, which demands that divorce is wrong, save for the act of adultery, show me where a woman can divorce a man.” The simple answer is that it is impossible to show that Divine Divorce is permissible if one accepts the standard doctrinal standpoint. It is like trying to argue that Christ is the Son of God based on the oral Torah. God, however, is not limited to man’s dogma, and always leads His people out of bondage.

The real kicker to a legalist’s fallacious line of reasoning is that those who demand such things are quite sure that their doctrine equals God. Therefore to disagree with them is to disagree with YHWH Himself and that, to their minds, is damnable and heretical. It also justifies, in their minds, any negative behavior they employ to coerce others into believing as they do. Children even deny their mother fellowship with them and her grandchildren in order to make her feel the pain of their doctrinal displeasure.

What happened in the Montana Miracle is a very important sign from God. It is akin to what happened to Ezekiel when he lay siege to Jerusalem through prophetic pantomime. It is just that those who have lived through this sign in Montana do not recognize its significance any more than the Israelites understood or believed what YHWH was saying through His prophet in Babylon.

Here is the message:

God is coming for His Bride, and it is His prerogative to remove her from the church.

The Bride of Christ has been restricted from loving Jesus through intimidation, scorn, and legalism. While the Bride desires to follow God in everything, those who tend God’s people refuse to allow her to do so. Therefore, the Bride has cried out for deliverance and God is about to grant it. However, the manner in which God frees His bride is nothing less than divorcing acceptable religion and embracing His love through the gift of the Tabernacle Experience.

The fact is, that no one could ever “prove” to a Pharisee, by their own doctrine, that Christ was in fact their Messiah. According to their understanding of the Torah, Jesus could not possibly be the Son of God. There was literally no scripture in all of the Old Testament that, in their view, proved Christ was who He claimed to be. In fact, rather than understanding that it was their belief system that was in error, they screamed “give us Barabbas!” How is it possible given that a billion Christians freely acknowledge that the coming of Christ was specifically prophesied by over 300 old Testament scriptures? How could the religious Jews, God’s chosen, be so wrong? Are not reading two different Bibles? Not at all, we are all reading the same set of scriptures, it is just the Pharisees, based on their reason, were in error, which Christians, based on revelation, can see what God clearly says.

Saul changed his mind and became Paul

This is precisely why Paul, in utter exasperation said,

“…Paul and Barnabas answered them boldly: “We had to speak the word of God to you first. Since you reject it and do not consider yourselves worthy of eternal life, we now turn to the Gentiles.”

Acts 13:46

Saul, a pharisee of the pharisees, educated at the feet of Gamaliel no less, wrote:

“Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing, but keeping the commandments of God is what matters.

1 Corinthians 7:19

None of you, who claim to follow scripture, follow it more diligently than Saul did, yet the whole of the New Testament, which you claim to love and follow, was written by a man who profoundly changed his mind. Furthermore, Paul changed his mind not because it was proven through scripture, but through a personal experience with Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus. Likewise, this prophetic prayer intercessor, which all held in such high esteem, did not come to a further revelation of Jesus Christ because of someone proving it by scripture, but through a personal revelation of Jesus Christ through spiritual connection.

I am considering speaking about this important sign because it is vital to recognize the lengths God will go to in order to deliver His Bride from the control of Christian church – which is mired in neo-pharisee style dogma. Jesus is coming to His church again through members of the Body and Christians, who should know Christ, receive Him not. Just like the self righteous Jews of the first century, they cast out their own mother for his name’s sake. They are like those who watched believers burn at the stake, wringing their hard at the horror of it all, believing that scripture demanded that they inflict that pain upon the unrepentant to “save” their eternal soul. No matter how the church believes, they have no right to control and oppress His chosen. You are all, to a man and woman, modern Judge Claude Frollos.

The signs of our times

When God gives a sign, we must listen to and understand it with open hearts and ears. Signs are given when people will not listen to God’s voice and are stubborn and rebellious. For those who begin to experience being removed from the bondage of the church, know that the church will not agree with your decision. They will say that we violate doctrine and are heretical. However, the only heresy we are guilty of is not agreeing with their reasoning and prejudices.

Here is an uncomfortable truth,

It is quite likely that more than 1/3 of all Christian marriages will dissolve in the coming move of Tabernacles.

Furthermore, here is another truth,

The church has made marriage an idol. Therefore, they will persecute those God is leading to divorce.

In conclusion, God manifest in the flesh did not convince many of the first century religious Jews. In fact, their understanding of the Old Testament, the very words they believed granted them eternal life, ended up damning most of them to hell. Why is that? They had the very truth of God in their hands! They were God’s chosen! The literal children of Abraham, the father of our modern day faith! They failed, because they did not the will of their Father – i.e. – they failed to accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

Signs are a big deal with our Father. Sun dials, virgin births, voices in the wilderness, etc., are all very important and indicators of big changes in God’s direction with his people. If we humble ourselves and pay attention to what our Lord is saying through them, we will prosper and help many through the troublesome times ahead.



Only secular laws prevent religious persecution, but the legalistic spirit that is capable of such things, is still very much present in every church in our land.