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Let Me Tell You A Secret…

A Love Feast Tastes Really Good!

As we move towards holding real world love feasts (tabernacle meetings), it is good to have an idea of what we’re aiming for.  Over all, our plan is to hold meetings which are real world examples of modern-day love feasts.  These gatherings center around worship, revelation, and food. Dancing will be a primary feature of our gatherings. What follows is a rough draft of what a modern-day love feast looks like.

The worship

There is a lot of music already out there which fits very well with the Tabernacle experience.  We need to research copyright/use issues to see whether or not we can play other people’s songs during our love feasts.  Additionally, I have about 20 songs that are Tabernacle music which we can begin with.  I am sure, as we progress, God will anoint others gifted in music to author and perform more original material.

At present, I have the beginnings of a music set up.  We have a Roland XP-80 synth keyboard, stand, studio monitors and small amp to power them.  In addition I have two Roland KC-500 Keyboard amps/speakers of about 200 watts each.  The Keyboard speakers can be used as loud speakers too.

We also have a Fender Telecaster electric guitar and an off brand bass guitar.  There is also one 100 watt guitar tube amplifier.  I have one other acoustic guitar too.  There are two sure 58 mics.

I play the guitar fairly well and the base and keyboard a little.  I write songs and can sing some also.  Most of my songs are copyrighted.

Setting the stage

My concept of the stage is to have 4 banners, approximately 3 to 4 foot wide and 10 to 15 feet tall.  The colors will be purple, aqua green, magenta, and yellow.  These would hang from large tripods similar to speaker stands.  Also, embroidered Cherubim of three or four different sizes, are on the fabrics.  Gradually, as we held meetings we would sew Cherubim on the banners, harkening back to the walls of the holy of holies in the Tabernacle in the wilderness.  We could even use these for fund raising purposes by offering those who support us a chance to donate for a Cherubim to have sewn on the banner of their choice.  These banners would be placed behind those leading the meeting.

In the beginning we can just set up on the ground, but at some point we would need a stage set up that breaks down for travel. I am not sure if outside is best of if we should look for halls to rent. We would have lights and effects as seemed appropriate.  These days, with the advent of DJ’s, there are lots of things you can do on a budget.  We might even buy a used DJ rig for our Tabernacle meetings.

I have been looking at the Technomad sounds system.  It is expensive, but compact and rugged.   The sound quality is supposed to be very good too.  We can, and will use what we have.  However, ultimately, if God makes a way, I think this is what we will think about getting.

The Feast

Food is a major part of the final feast.  We are basically foreshadowing the marriage supper of the Lamb.  Therefore, the concept of a feast is an integral part of any such celebration. I have built a mobile BBQ that can cook enough food to feed 100 to 200 people at a time.  I have equipped it with onboard power (a 3000 watt inverter and batteries) and lights.  It also has a chest freezer to store food.  I didn’t know why I was building this over the last 9 years, but perhaps it was for just this reason.

I believe through BBQ and Dutch Oven Cooking, we can provide enough cooking capacity for small venues. We can also feast while on the road too.

Outreach and teaching

I have been feeling that God’s spoken revelation is very powerful.  While writing is good way to communicate clearly, faith comes by hear and hear by the spoken word of God. In order to promote the Tabernacle message, we need to tell people about it. They need to hear why it is a current revelation and also why they need to know it.

Converting the writings of the final feast into books and tracts is one step in moving the Tabernacle vision forward.  In addition to written material and websites, setting meetings up to be video recorded for YouTube and social media sharing is another powerful way to communicate the message of Divine Love.  We could potentially reach people in places that are not accessible to us if we produce quality videos.  Additionally, we could work towards live webcasting of Love Feast too.

Therefore, instead of social media being an after thought,  lets design what we do for upload to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. from the very beginning.  Our ultimate aim would be for others to hold their own love feasts through being inspired by our example.

Transportation and location

After doing some research, I think a 2014 Ford e-350 super duty extended passenger van will be enough for what we need. It is big enough engine to pull the BBQ plus can seat up to 15 people.  A top rack on the van could hold tents for camping at love feasts wherever we stay during our travels.

As I think about this, I seems to me that tapping into an updated hippie motif could be a way for people to relate to us at the beginning. It is important to give people a place to start when introducing something new and revolutionary. For example, regular military people in the first world war, resisted Sir Winston Churchill’s idea of employing mechanized armor to break the stalemate on the war front. However, once Sir Winston convinced them that tanks were just an updated version and logical progression of existing mounted Calvary, they got the message.

Providing a context for Divine Love

Likewise, speaking about Divine Love without any context may be a bridge to far for many people. However, if we adopt a kind of new wave 60’s peace/revival camp meeting style, I believe it would help others begin to understand what we are all about. In essence, the 60’s was a counterfeit move of Tabernacles fueled by rock and roll, drugs, and promiscuity. We are not hippies, but we do preach a message of peace and love with God and one another.

Our basic premise in all aspects of the Tabernacle Movement is to “listen, Hear, and Obey On Time”. Therefore, we will pray for God to lead us where to start our meetings and how to promote them.  Current, many years ago, God showed me three places in Utah where He intends to pour out His Spirit.  These are:

  1. Manti
  2. Loa
  3. New Harmony

From there, subsequent meetings might be held in a sort of spiral pattern that expands as we progress from place to place.  This would give people the opportunity, if they desired, to attend subsequent meetings without too much travel.

Another idea is to go to different local events and sell BBQ commercially, then the day afterward set up someplace near the event.  In this way we could off set costs and meet the local people before our love feast.  Through a business, we could also write off most of the costs of promoting the Final Feast.

Tabernacles Central: A place to connect

Eventually, I feel that we should locate somewhere permanently.  Ideally, we would purchase a resort with cabins, having enough land to allow for further expansion if needed.  Keeping up a lodging business would accomplish a couple of things: provide basic income and the comings and goings of fellow believer would be expected.

I feel it is important to maintain a low profile in whatever community we settle in.  I expect God may lead us to have a series of local meetings and some may even join with us for a time.  A hospitality business provides a logical accommodation for these activities.

Our goal is to share the Tabernacles message, providing a place for people to connect.  Ultimately we desire to inspire others to emulate our love feast reintroducing Eden’s first love in a way people can easily understand.  Our aim is to disseminate the truth world-wide through our social media.  I do not know what the right way to do this is yet, however, I am sure God will lead us as we obey His voice by faith.

In conclusion

Now that we have laid the foundation of Tabernacle theology, it is time to share it with others.  God’s truth about Divine Love is powerfully relevant and if shared clearly it will bring about unity in the Body of Christ.  Jesus, in his last prayer, urged us to be one. The Tabernacle movement seeks to help fullfill Christ’s longing.

In the Tabernacle movement, one of our core principles is to reflect the Rhema (spoken word of God) without modification or compromise.  This is a lot harder to do than many realize, because where God is today goes far beyond most people’s concept of church.

Finally, Let’s Go!

When God calls you to go out of Egypt, start walking in the direction He leads.  Essentially, let’s just do what God says, whether or not it appears possible.  Assume, when God calls, that He makes a way to carry out His will.  Simply “show up” and leave the heavy lifting to our Father.  As God calls  you, purpose to Listen, Hear, and Obey on Time, doing the will of the Lord.

When You Believe by One Voice